network netgear connection big problems

  Billp64 15:24 07 Jul 2007

Have limited connectivity issue,tried release /renew have manual settings from netgear says connected but cannot get on any page. Ran netsh diad gui this said failed everywhere.
Have got onto net with speed touch at present, laptop would connect but cannot get desktop to.
Would winsock fix put machine back before to start again. Any help as I am going spare as I need to use two computers during the day. With router only laptop or speed touch for desktop,all was fine until loss of connection last week and the error.Cables ok all lights on router. Any help please appreciated.

  ambra4 21:07 07 Jul 2007

Is the router an ASDL modem with a wireless & router or just a wireless router?

That you connect to the speed touch modem via the WAN port

Model and make

  Billp64 21:37 07 Jul 2007

Router is netgear dg834g only using speed touch to use desktop. Was connected ok until it lost connection and limited error came up. Since tried lots of things including manual settings, says connected then but can't use internet. Laptop connects no problem at all. Tried winsock fix as well now getting desperate. feel like dumping computer!!

  ambra4 21:52 07 Jul 2007

Ok see if this is you saying

Forget the speed touch as you only that to access the Internet correct

When you connect the netgear router the laptop can connect to router via the wireless system but the no Internet access

The desktop no Internet access via a cable from one of the LAN port correct

can you access and configure the router and run the setup wizard??

  ambra4 22:13 07 Jul 2007

Have you check the setup on the network adapter have not change on the desktop

Click “Start”, “Settings” Network Connection

2. Double-click on the “Network Connection

3. Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your
network adapter

Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

4. In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window

Highlight the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” all boxes should be ticked

Click the “Properties” button

5. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

6 Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

7 Click “OK”.

Your network adapter is now configured for use with the Router and should get a IP address from your ISP

seeing that the speed touch is working it look like some thing is wrong with the Netgear router

  ambra4 22:21 07 Jul 2007

What is the error you getting???

Don't dump the computer as yet, it is not the computer fault as you working of the speed touch modem

  Billp64 22:50 07 Jul 2007

Thanks for idea's I think router is ok as laptop will connect. With ipconfig I get a 169 address. This is the problem I gather. If I use manual settings this goes but will not connect. Router appears ok as all lights respond. I have only put speedtouch back on to connect now. It's not connected at all when trying router various combinations. Annoying thing all was well until a dropped connection 4 days ago.
On net this appears a lot but no order of solution to follow to sort it. I have reset TCP/IP.
When I run netsh diag gui I get failed dhcp server.Doing ip config release and renew the renew gets timed out. Going in circles at present and stuck. I really need two computers connected but only have one phone line so anyway will do.
Thanks so far.

  ambra4 22:55 07 Jul 2007

Have try reseting the router to the default setting the little button at the back of the router

  Billp64 23:01 07 Jul 2007

I have had a go but not sure if it has done it. All it does is flash and then I have to pull plug. I thought it should go to default settings but the password I changed is still there when I try on laptop. A bit unsure here with what is supposed to happen after I press button.
Will try again but it gets to you after a while. This is the worst problem ever with computers I have come accross.

  ambra4 23:04 07 Jul 2007

This might help

Your IP Address Can Change
Most home networks today will consist of a broadband modem, a router and one or more computers that share that Internet connection. The router has two IP addresses: An exterior IP address seen by the outside world and an interior IP address seen only by the computers on the local network. Your ISP assigns the router it's exterior address, which may be something like 69.x.x.x (where the Xs are numbers).
The router will then give each internal PC its own local address, usually something like Other PCs will have an address similar to, etc. In this case the router is considered the DHCP server and the gateway to the Internet. When you boot your machine, the computer will broadcast a request for an IP address and the router will normally answer. If it does not see the DHCP server it will give up and make up an IP address for itself. This IP will often look something like 169.x.x.x. This is a local address that will not likely have any communication with other PCs on the network.
We mention the 169 IP address because people will suddenly lose Internet connectivity when it worked the previous day. An easy way to attempt to fix this is to just reboot everything—modem, router and PCs.
In XP you can check your IP address by going to the command line. Go to START>RUN and type cmd and hit Okay. Next, type ipconfig /all and hit Enter. You will be able to see a lot of information about the gateway and the IP address of the computer. The IP address should be similar to with a subnet mask of If you have the 169 IP address, we can try the reboot.
Follow these steps in sequence:
1. Shut all PCs down.
2. Unplug the router.
3. Unplug the modem. Wait a minute or two.
4. Plug the modem back in and wait until all lights are green.
5. Plug router back in. Wait a minute.
6. Reboot the PCs, one at a time.
Even if you have the correct IP addresses, it's not a bad idea to reboot everything occasionally. So if your Internet speeds are slow on all connections, or if you suffer from a loss of Internet connectivity, reboot the modem, router and PC for a quick fix.

  Billp64 23:19 07 Jul 2007

The problem is everytime I reboot I get the limited connection showing on the lan and will not go away unless I put in manual settings.
I have rebooted no end in 4 days to try different things witout any success.
Can't see the point of doing an install again of XP as I read someone had done that without it working. I must admit that I don't really understand networking but annoyed as really both router and laptop will be a waste if I cannot use two at the same time. Netgear help suggested manual settings so I have the correct numbers but still won't connect to internet.
I will keep trying tommorrow again and see, Appreciate your help so thanks very much. I have just pushed reset button again so will see, I was hopeing to start a fresh install again.

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