MikeyT 23:26 19 Feb 2004

What is the cheapest and/or best way for me to play Age of Kings against my son who has a PC upstairs. All this 'WIFI' seems to confuse me. Is it a not a simple case of running a link wire from my pc to his. Or.... If i get this wireless card does he need one... how do they communicate wuith each other....

An idiots guide to this linking would be nice.

Thanks in anticipation

  WNS Ltd 23:29 19 Feb 2004

Are you going to use a peer-to-peer network? I suggest you looking at this link click here as it gives clear instruction of how to set up a home network.

  MikeyT 23:30 19 Feb 2004

What do you mean by peer to peer ????

  WNS Ltd 23:34 19 Feb 2004

MikeyT - are you just going to link your computer and yours son's together? or will you be wanting to link more computers at a later stage? If it is just the two then you can simply install a NIC (Network Interface Card) into both computers and have a Cat5e Crossover Cable linking them both together. Obvioulsy this would depend on the distance between both the computers. Unfortnuatly i don't know much about wireless technology so i cant help you with that aspect...maybe someone else could suggest a better idea.
Hope this helps

  MikeyT 23:42 19 Feb 2004

I am planning on linking just the 2 together. No more than that. Will look into what you suggest so thanks....... meanwhile, anyone with ideas on wireless option .. some advice would be appreciated

  vinnyo123 00:04 20 Feb 2004

I suggest what WNS said just get a cat 5e crossover cable and connect it to both PC's(personal computers) They connect into the NIC card with RG-45 jacks (registered Jack) If you bought your PC's within the last couple of years they should have NIC's in them.You can look in back and there should be one which is for a telephone line RG-11 and another for RG-45 which is slighty bigger.Then if running windows you would run network wizard on both PC's basic questions it will ask on how your setting up your network.after you run wizard on both you would have your own LAN local area network)(peer to peer =two PC's acting as server and clients )which you and your son can play game against each other.

PC it is pretty simple to do.If you have any questions or get stuck just keep posting there is alot of knowledgable members here that would be glad to help you.

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