Network Just Works One Way

  bfoc 11:02 03 Jun 2007

I have had a network for some time, with the main study machine cabled to a wireless router and two laptops connected wirelessly.

In My Network Places on the laptops I can 'see' the various shared folders on the desktop study machine but can now not connect to them.

I can also see the shared folders on the laptops from the study machine and can connect to them.

I also used to be able to print from the laptops to the laser attached to the study machine and now can't.

This happened at the same time as a problem on the study machine where it wasn't finding its hard disks. That was fixed quickly and it now works fine.

I have gone through the setup network wizard on all machines again, making sure that the network name is the same but I still cannot connect from the laptops to the study machine.

What am I missing? Any suggestions appreciated.

  mocha 17:56 03 Jun 2007

Have you reinstalled a Firewall onto the study machine after problem with hard drive, what was problem with hard drive and what did you have to do to put it right??

  postie24 19:49 03 Jun 2007

Go to my network places, right click, select properties right click your network connection and select properties, make sure the file and print sharing box is ticked

  bfoc 22:10 03 Jun 2007

The problem with the hard drive was a temporary one where the drives (I have two in a RAID array) were not found on boot-up. It seemed to just correct itself - though I did check the hard drive cables were OK and reduced the start-up items to a minimum.

There is no new firewall installed and I have tried with all my security disabled - to no avail.

The file and print sharing boxes are ticked.

I thought I might have missed something obvious and am happy for any suggestions!

  mocha 22:57 03 Jun 2007

In your startup items have you turned off any of the system services, let the forum know which ones you have turned off if any, some of these are critical to Network services.

  bfoc 12:33 04 Jun 2007

I didn't alter any of the Services under Msconfig just some entries in the Startup tab for things like Evesham Big Fix and iTunes helper etc.

I have just checked and only 'identifiable' third party startup items have been disabled. I have even re-enabled the printer and Nvidea utilities. The network problem is still the same.

Sorry for the slowness of replies but I have a bad back at the moment and can only manage to get to the machine sporadically.

  mocha 19:50 05 Jun 2007

Can you see and connect (swap files) between both laptops?

  PalaeoBill 09:49 06 Jun 2007

Have you changed the guest user account on the study PC in any way? XP home needs this account for P2P networking.

  bfoc 12:25 06 Jun 2007

Again for the questions.

One laptop isn't around at the moment - I'll check when my wife is back.

No, I have made no changes to the guest user (or any other) account.

  bfoc 16:00 06 Jun 2007

I can access documents between laptops and I can access documents on the laptops from the study machine.

I can view the network computers and get a list of the shared folders on the study machine from the laptops, but I can't access any of the shared folders.

I have even set up a 'new' network with a different name - but the result is the same.

Switching off my firewall makes no difference.

  PalaeoBill 21:35 06 Jun 2007

Sorry if this is teaching egg sucking.

In services, is the 'computer browser' running?
In the network settings for TCP/IP (under WINS) is 'Netbios over TCP/IP' enabled?
Do the laptop users have corresponding user accounts on the study PC?

You may also want to investigate permissions and the access control list. The CACLS command may offer an insight into what has gone awry.

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