Network IP address scan in MS-Dos

  Chris1986 19:38 10 Aug 2005

hi there

i am part of a network of 4 copmuters, and i want to search to network, using MS-DOS to scan for IP Addresses, to save time on FTP and file transfer...

i was wondering what commands need to be entered to give me this result, its a bit like (ping)commands but to scan for IP's not just ping the IP

many thanks


  Chris1986 19:49 10 Aug 2005

Any Ideas

  bertiecharlie 20:17 10 Aug 2005

I think this is what you're after but not 100% sure.

ipconfig /all (there's a space between g and /).

ipconfig /? gives more information about the various commands.

  Chris1986 20:47 10 Aug 2005

this just gives me, my ip config, which i a great help, but all want to find out the other IP addresses for the other 3 computers on the network.

is there so sort of program i could download to help me with this...

i would perfer to use MS-Dos as i wish to learn more on the subject...


  daba 21:12 10 Aug 2005

just a thought - if you are "part of a network of 4 computers" and you don't know their IP addresses, then doesn't this raise "security" issues, anyone could attach to your network and go 'browsing' or use your shared resources, such as internet access.

also, if it's a local network, why can't you just ask the other users what their IP addresses are.

i assume these PCs aren't always on, so assigning one of them as a DHCP server is not an option, but do you have a standalone router/modem for shared internet access ? these usually act as DHCP servers, so can give IP addresses to the PCs as they come 'on-line', also can be configured to only allow specific PCs (MAC addresses) to use internet.

or, why don't you use fixed IP addresses that you all agree on, then you wouldn't need to keep finding out.

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