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  Ivor_Monkey 21:53 08 Jan 2006

I've moved a win98 pc that was networked for years to another room to make way for the new pc and the win 98 pc is now playing up. Two other Xp pcs are networked ok nd running via the router.

On thw in win 98 pc I can;t get the network or internet. I just get message "Website found. Waiting for reply" for ever........

The win 98 pc will not
1) access the network or internet thru router.
2) show anything when I type "winipcfg" in run (to check mac);
2) can't access router, but other pcs still work on network, so router can;t be all wrong
3)The cable from router to win98 pc works, tested on other pc.
4) Not sure about the network card in win 98, although the lights on the router are all on and blueyonder network test.

I've tweaked a few things and tried goback etc. I've even used XP network wizard and blueyonder old network wizard without any success. Its been such a long time since I set the thing up, that i've forgotten. But I'm truly stuck.

Is it the network card or my settings or something else?

Any help greatly appreciated.

  Skyver 22:27 08 Jan 2006

Get the relevant drivers for your card handy, uninstall all network protocols and clients, reboot, allow Windows to re-install them, then try.
If no luck do the same again, but remove the card's drivers and the hardware from Device Manager and allow Windows to re-detect it on the next boot.

  Ivor_Monkey 23:01 08 Jan 2006

Thanks. How many drivers do i need for an old netgear network card?

But could my problem be caused by router and mac clonings? I can now get winipcfg, but can;t access the router to check mac cloning from win 98. I can access it via anopther machine, but presumably shouldn;t mess with the mac clong on that. Did i ever understand any of this?

  Skyver 23:09 08 Jan 2006

Post the model number of the card, maybe we can locate some drivers.
If you can't get any response from winipcfg the problems is with the network client/protocol. You have to be able to communicate via TCP/IP and the router is the nearest bit of hardware that requires that protocol. Your MAC address cloning is only meant to satisfy your ISP - some of them validate your connection via the MAC address of your network card and some by the MAC address of the BB modem, the router should handle any MAC addresses on it's own. If you've cloned MAC addresses between the 3 computers then you might have a problem.

  Skyver 23:10 08 Jan 2006

Does the Windows 98 machine show up under `Attached Devices` (going by Netgear router pages here) when you access the router config from one of the other PCs?

  mgmcc 08:13 09 Jan 2006

Forget MAC address cloning because it no longer matters. Blueyonder now authenticate using the MAC address of the Cable Modem instead of the MAC address of your Network Adapter or Router, which had to be registered with them. In fact, the page to register the MAC address of your hardware has been removed from Blueyonder's "Selfcare" pages.

  Ivor_Monkey 08:37 09 Jan 2006

Skyver and mgmcc
Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. I've dropped the idea of mac cloing. No changes made, so can dismiss that.

On win98 the device manager lists the network card as Netgear FA311/31PCI ADAPTER.Looking thru interface ( I can;t see anything on attached devices. Sorry.

I can see Win 98 pc from other pc, but it takes a long time for sub directories and files to show (or are these form the cache?memory?). But can;t see anything when looking from win98.

Firewall - none on win98 (currently) sygate on xp is showing interface winframe (used for remote access to work). The INtel pro network connection is listed below. Odd?

Anyway, you can see I'm still confused. Thanks again.

  mgmcc 09:09 09 Jan 2006

As you have "tweaked" a few settings, you could try restoring an earlier version of the registry in case something has become corrupted. Reboot to DOS and, at the C:\> prompt, type:


and press Enter. You should see copies of several earlier versions of the registry. Select one dated when things were running properly and restore that.

  Ivor_Monkey 10:58 09 Jan 2006

Thanks. I've used goback twice.Would this cause me to lose earlier versions of the registry.

  mgmcc 14:17 09 Jan 2006

Sorry, I've no idea what "goback" is likely to have done :-(

  Ivor_Monkey 16:25 09 Jan 2006

I think it reverts drive c. But I will check it out.

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