Network House and Shed?

  jogjog 22:09 11 Feb 2007

hi, i have been asked to set up a network for a friend. He has just got broadband and has a speed touch adsl modem. This is the problem - He has an office at the end of the garden approx 10-15meters away (made of wood basicly a shed) with a phone line running to it. Here he has a mac. In the house his daughter wants to use her wireless laptop(pc). What would be the best way to do this, would a wireless modem have the range to reach the shed from the house? The mac has no wireless capability, would a usb dongle work? Ive not had to think about networking before so any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks in advance

  mgmcc 23:19 11 Feb 2007

Your friend needs to replace the supplied USB ADSL Modem with a combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem", such as the Netgear DG834G. (A USB Modem cannot be used with a router).

Daughter can then connect to it "wirelessly" and the Mac in the shed should be able to get a good enough signal to connect wirelessly too. If not, can he run an ethernet cable from the house to the shed?

A USB dongle for the Mac should be fine, I've just installed a D-Link "DWL-G122" USB adapter in a MacMini running OSX 10.4.8

  jogjog 23:31 11 Feb 2007

Thanks for the reply, I think he will have to try and go the wireless way as I know getting the phone line to the shed was quite a hastle as it had to be buried in the garden. but this helps me along cheers

  nick2308 19:40 12 Feb 2007


If the shed has power and is on the same supply as the house, why not try Homeplug (ethernet over power lines). This way the daughter has the wireless and the mac using its exsisting ethernet network interface. This means no need for new cables to be laid to the shed.

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