Network gone wrong

  Madpad_001 20:02 04 Oct 2004

Help me Please??????

I have a small home network. (well did have)both systems are running XP home. I had the network working fine before, but needed to format the hard drive on my laptop.

Now all I get is the small icon (two little tv screens) on both computors but nothing works.

I have run the network wizzard on both computers but nothing has changed.

Where am I going wrong sombody help me please!!!!!

  Madpad_001 20:11 04 Oct 2004

and I get the following reply:- request timed out???.

This does not make any sence to me. I have also turned off both the firewalls but the answer stays the same.

  easyrider 20:13 04 Oct 2004

How was your network connected, wireless or ethernet?

  Madpad_001 20:16 04 Oct 2004

I use A cross over cable between my home pc and Laptop,

  easyrider 20:55 04 Oct 2004

I may be going at this the wrong way if so I apologise in advance.Have you checked that your laptop has network interface card drivers installed.I am assuming the problem is with the laptop as you have just reformatted the hard drive.

  Gaz 25 22:09 04 Oct 2004

Are all firewalls disabled?

Have you put them both on the same workgroup?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll step you through checking these.

  Madpad_001 22:53 04 Oct 2004

Yes to both of your questions. I used the msn home (default) workgroup. & I reinstalled all the drivers back on to my Laptop.

So I am still lost!!

  easyrider 12:03 05 Oct 2004

Have you set up file sharing on both computers?

  Madpad_001 12:32 05 Oct 2004

Yes I have done that, still no joy.

  georgemac 12:50 05 Oct 2004

go to your network connections and check the status of the connection making sure it is enabled - try to repair it see if this helps

  easyrider 13:44 05 Oct 2004

I am running out of ideas will do a bit of reading to see if I can find anything else.

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