Network is fine but cannot ping !

  Heefie 10:05 04 Jun 2004

Hi, I have 2 PCs connected to a 5 way hub. They are both running Win2k and can both access each other's drives. In all normal circumstances I'd say the Netork is OK.
However, I'm trying to set up some software to enable ICS & this needs me to PING as part of the set-up.
My main PC (PC1) is called Living-room & the second one (PC2) is Games-room. These show as "C on Games-Room" on PC1 and "C on Living-room" on PC2, yet if I ping Games-room from PC1 I get "Unknown host games-room" and if I ping Living-room from PC2 I get "Unknown host living-room" ... basically, everything seems OK until I try to PING !!!
I appreciate other people's attempts to sort out Network problems and ll the help you people give on here ... I've been through PCA and the Internet a thousand times trying to find a similar problem, but whenever I find something similar it involves Linux or Win2k mixed with 98, ME or XP ... so sorry if this seems like the same old rubbish !!!
My TCP/IP settings on both machines are set to obtain IP & DNS settings automatically, and I get the same problems with Firewalls turned off. NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled, as is DHCP.
I've run IPCONFIG on both machines & if, from PC1, I ping PC2 using the IP address instead of "Games-room" I get "Request timed out".
Don't know what more info I can give off hand ... any ideas anyone ?!?

  AndySD 10:35 04 Jun 2004

First thing to check is your firewalls.

But how are you connecting to the web. eg which pc is the gateway pc and why the hub,

  Heefie 10:57 04 Jun 2004

I turned the Firewalls off on both PCs AndySD, and it made no difference, I did mention that ... as for the Internet access, that's via ADSL on PC1 and works fine.

I don't understand your last question "why the hub ?" ... to Network the PCs and allow for expansion of course. Am I missing something here ?!?!?

  AndySD 12:02 04 Jun 2004

Just trying to picture your setup. Although you are sharing files it may be that the firewall is set to block ping..... even turning them off often does not re-enable this option. You need to set it in the firewall.

Also what software are you using to enable internet sharing

  Heefie 13:10 04 Jun 2004

The Firewall is ZoneAlarm and as far as I can see it is set up OK ... my Trusted Zone Security is set to LOW and in Custom Settings I have no further options to allow / disallow ping messages as I can do if it was set to MEDIUM or HIGH.

Now this is weird ... I just started ZoneAlarm on PC2 and set Internet and Trusted Zone Security OFF ... I then pinged Living-room & it worked ... so I came in her & pinged Games-room ... and it worked !!!!!!!!

I'm even more confused than I was now !!!!!!

  Heefie 13:12 04 Jun 2004

Oh ... and the Software that I'm trying to set up is Nat32e.

  keith-236785 13:26 04 Jun 2004

Zone Alarm (free version) does not support networking, ZA PRO does support networking.

open control panel/network connections, right click on the network connection and choose Status, click Support and it will tell you the ip number, write it down, goto the other pc and open a command prompt (start/programs/accessories/command prompt) and type

ping (change for the number you have written down), press enter and it should report FOUR ping results.

do the same at the second pc, write down the number and goto first pc, do the same at this pc, if both pc's can ping each other now then its just down to naming.

  AndySD 13:39 04 Jun 2004

click here the interesting bit is

"BEFORE installing ZoneAlarm, please make sure you have ICS set up correctly with the ability to connect to the Internet and have all the functionality you want, from all machines on your network. Be sure to update your ICS program to the latest version available from the manufacturer."

  Heefie 13:56 04 Jun 2004

Lordy Lordy ... and it's all supposed to be soooooo easy these days <g> !!!!!

OK, thanks AndySD, I'll uninstall ZA off both machines and then try again ... BUT, how do I know ICS is set up and working (I've never been able to get it working yet, that's why I'm trying to use this Nat32E program !!!) if I'm NOT connected to the Net ... I'll have to attach without ZA running & I'm then vulnerable !!!!

  AndySD 14:01 04 Jun 2004

If you are fully patched from microsoft the risk is minute for the lenth of time you will be on the internet checking its working

  AndySD 14:03 04 Jun 2004

I had to remove zonealarm and set mine up that way b4 I got a router.

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