Network file and printer sharing

  chub_tor 13:22 06 Aug 2004

I have just changed from dial up to broadband - yippee, BUT in my old system - with two PCs each with Ethernet thingies and a crossover cable plus separate dial up modems in each machine - I was able to share files and printers quite happily by following the wizard for XP in one machine and Me in the other machine.
Now I have a US Robotics 9003 with a modem and router inside it. I have two ethernet cables - not the old crossover one - going from each machine to the router and an ADSL cable to the modem.
Freedom2 surf supply the router fully configured so connecting either machine to the internet is a doddle. However all my shared files and printers are no longer available, so I have no network as such. Trying to use the wizards I get warning messages that say I can't share files etc because it is dangerous. F2s help people say that I need to download a File Sharing Program so that I can have my networked files and printers back - but all these FSP programs seemed aimed at downloading music from the net.
Long question I know but how do I get my network to work?

  hillybilly 23:25 06 Aug 2004

Tryrunning the xp network wizard on your xp machine an create a netsetup disk, then run that disk on your ME machine.

Now just check and make sure that both network cards are configured to "Obtain an IP adress automatically"

Having done all that also make sure you are logging onto the me machine with a user name and password that is also a registered name and password on the XP machine.

Lastly checkout any settings for firewalls that you may be running.

  alan227 23:32 06 Aug 2004

When you got the 2 cat 5 cables did you get straight through (which you need) or did you buy 2 more crossover cables?.

  hillybilly 23:38 06 Aug 2004

Good point that! Never thought of the obvious, especially as most routers only come supplied with one cat5, chub_tor might still be using his orignal xover cable!

  chub_tor 14:28 07 Aug 2004

Firstly I did get straight through cables, so that wasn't the problem.
I did try running the network wizards for both XP and Me. the XP wizard kept advising me that what I was trying to do was bad and that I would run the risk of exposing my files to the internet if I wanted file and printer sharing. So I abandoned the wizards.
You were right about the firewalls however. I have discovered that if I untick the XP Firewall box all is OK and I can access my home network. The router/modem does have a hardware firewall - not sure how that works - and I also have had BlackIce installed for some time. The network seems happy with this running, plus the hardwire firewall so I presume that I am protected.
If anyone thinks otherwise please let me know or else I will assume that this problem has been resolved.
Thanks you two, advice to a 65 year old silver surfer is always much appreciated.

  hillybilly 23:44 07 Aug 2004

Hey, Hey! your as young as you feel!a At 65 your only a chicken!

Now to be serious an comment on your reply.

Firstly XP f/wall is notgood when it comes to networking.

2. You cannot run two software f/walls at the same time, so Blackice and XP f/wall will & has give a problem.

3. You can run a software f/wall which will keep an eye on what is trying go from you PC, with the built in f/wall of you router, which keeps a very close eye on what is trying to come into your PC.

"the XP wizard kept advising me that what I was trying to do was bad and that I would run the risk of exposing my files to the internet if I wanted file and printer sharing" Very true with just a modem, but as you are running a router with built in f/wall you are not running that risk!

Lastly because I got a sense of humour, do you remember the Festival of Britain?

  chub_tor 18:35 08 Aug 2004

Thanks for all the advice, with BlackIce and the router I now feel safe.
The Festival of Britain? I was there mate including the Dome of Discovery and the Skylon and I still have a photo of me and my Dad taken in a photo booth with the Festival logo on the back. From memory we had to wait some hours for the processing before we could pick it up. Did you join the queues for the 3D cinema? - that was the longest wait we had. For years my dad used a pocket watch made by Timex that had the festival logo on the back it stopped working and languished for years in the button tin and presumably was sold with all the house contents when my parents died - should have kept that.
Thanks again.

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