Bertie B 12:51 17 Jun 2003

I'm tearing my hair out and wonder if anyone can suggest something I'm missing. Some weeks ago I installed LAN cards in both my new PC [win XP] and my old PC [win 98SE] and set up a network using an ethernet crossover cable. All worked brilliantly until a few days ago when saving files scanned on my old PC to the mapped C drive of my new PC became grindingly slow and then failed altogether. After re-running Network Wizard in XP the situation is:-
In network neighbourhood on the old PC I can see both PCs. I can connect to Internet from the old PC via the ADSL Modem which is USB connected to my new PC. I can access files on my new PC from my old PC and I can save files to the new PC. HOWEVER, although the status of the LAN on the new PC shows "connected" if I go to My Network Places and try to open the C drive on my old PC I get message "\\ibm242\c - not accessible - path not found" despite the fact that sharing is enabled on the old PC. If I search for the old IBM PC from my new PC it cannot be found. Also if I try to map the IBM C drive from my new PC - again "path not found"!!!!!!!!!

  fitshase 12:57 17 Jun 2003

Have you tried removing the sharing on the drive and then re-sharing it?

I used to experience problems with my old work laptop on 98SE and Desktop XP pro. The directories were shared with read/write access but sometimes I couldn't get access. Unsharing the directory and then re-sharing it seemed to do the trick.



  Bertie B 13:20 17 Jun 2003

As simple as that!! You're a Star Player!

Best Regards


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