Network External USB/Firewire HDD?

  chrisf1960 22:20 18 Mar 2005

Is it possible to network an 250GB external USB/Firewire Drive?

My wife and I both have PC's running Windows XP Home. I want to buy a external disk and connect both pc's to it, possibly partitioning the disk so that we can both access it at the same time but as different drives.

Also, how would I go about this ?



  Forum Editor 23:10 18 Mar 2005

with two computers simultaneously would wreck the drive's file system very rapidly, and I don't advise that you try.

In any event, it's not necessary - just network the computers, attach the drive to one of them, and create shared directories. I don't advise that you share the root of the drive, but you could certainly partition it, and use separate partitions.

  powerless 19:06 19 Mar 2005
  chrisf1960 23:56 16 Apr 2005

Okay, I have a Simpletech 250GB External Drive. It is attached my wife's pc by Firewire. I have two problems:

1) If I right click on the drive in Explorer, Properties it shows as "Free Space 127GB", yet in Device Manager - right click the drive and choose Properties, Volume and populate the fields gives me - Capacity 238472MB, Unallocated Space 107403MB, and under further down (under Volume) it says "(New Volume (K:) 131069MB"

Am I missing something somewhere?

2) Our two PC's are connected to a router and cable modem combination. How do I go about A) Partitioning the disk and B) wirelessly (or not) connecting my pc to the disk?

Also, how would I share one of my folders with my wife's?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Forum Editor & Powerless - thanks for your help thus far.


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