"network didnt assign network address to this PC"

  taffyal 18:20 25 Feb 2005

I'm trying to network 2 PCs, both XP.I fiited one with a D-Link dfe-528tx, other with Safecom lan card.
Both show the display in bar, with yellow exclamation mark.It offers to repair, says renewing my network address, then says it cant, contact network manager-who I assume is me!!
I've tried running Wizard on both, & using a disc made by main PC in the 2nd one,to no avail. Any suggestions, Please?
BTW, main PC gives physical address 00-0D-88-32-2A-9F, IP address, Subnet mask, blanks on defaualt gateway,DNS & Wins server. Secondary PC shows Physical as 00-06-4F-04-B2-9F, IP, subnet mask, & same blanks. Whatever these may mean!!

  wideboy 19:15 25 Feb 2005

Are you connecting through a hub or directly from one P/C to another?

If you're connecting through a hub there shouldn't be a problem, but if you're connecting directly then you'll need to use a crossover cable.

If you're using a normal CAT-5 cable but connecting the machines directly then the communication lines a getting crossed.

  wideboy 19:16 25 Feb 2005

That should be ARE getting crossed - it's been a bad day.

  taffyal 19:49 25 Feb 2005

Thanks Wideboy. I'm not using a hub, just the 2 pci cards, connected by a 6metre cable

  FelixTCat 20:57 25 Feb 2005

You do need a special ethernet cable called a cross-over cable. Connect the 2 pcs then run the network wizard on one (whichever you want to call the main computer). Either make the diskette and run it on the secondary pc or run the wizard and tell it you are connecting through another computer.

  taffyal 13:07 26 Feb 2005

Thanks, FelixTCat.This is what I tried to do, but I'm unsure what a cross over cable is. The one I have was donated by son-in-law, who has a multi-PC set up. Its just a long cable connectors each end that fit in the cards. says on it ">007m<JINKO E212582 UTP CM 4PR 24AWG 75C ALSO VERIFIED (UL)CAT 5E TIA EIA 560 A 5". Whatever that may mean! Is this crossover or straight, I don't know the difference! Thanks again, Al

  FelixTCat 14:45 26 Feb 2005

I'm pretty sure that is a straight-through cable, for connecting a pc to a hub or router. To connect 2 pcs directly, you either need a new cross-over cable or a cross-over adapter to use with your current cable.

If you have a local Maplin, give them a ring. Otherwise, you need something like this: click here

  taffyal 17:11 26 Feb 2005

I've checked the cable, & the wires seem to be different either end, which makes me think it is a crossover,lights come on on each PCI card, main PC says connected,secondary says no, tries to repair by renewing IP address, then says it cant!
I've taken all out & started again to no avail. Only difference now gives main IP address as & other says
Main subet mask is whereas secondary is Could these differences be anything to do with problem? Thanks.

  FelixTCat 17:16 26 Feb 2005 means that it is set up properly and is the DHCP server (i.e. it is handing out network addresses). is an address given internally by windows when it can find no DHCP server. It confirms that the two pcs are not connected.

I still think you have the wrong cable.

  taffyal 17:22 26 Feb 2005

Thanks FelixTCat. It may look different at each end, but its been twisted up in an attic,may be one of the wires is broke inside. I'll buy a new one on Monday, try again then. Thanks very much for advice, cheers, Al.

  CaleI 19:04 26 Feb 2005

your cable is cat 5e which is the standard RJ45 cable these days. You should be able to connect 2 PC's with that cable no problem. Have you tried pinging the other?

go to run and type cmd

if you know the other PC's IP address then type ping "IP ADDRESS"

That will tell you if it's connecting or not.

If you dont know the IP address, from the same command propmt, type ipconfig.

A successful ping will show no packet loss.

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