Network Diagnostics for Windows XP

  Toria 08:47 14 Dec 2006

I am with Orange Broadband and since yesterday I just cannot get connected. When I try it comes at with the error:
Windows has detected a problem with the Winsock provider catalog on this computer. This catalog allows programes to communicate with this computer across the network. Would you like Windows to reset the catalog to the default?
I answered YES - Did Shut Down/Restart but still had the same fault.
Can anyone give me any advice please?

  baldtaco 08:52 14 Dec 2006
  Toria 08:58 14 Dec 2006

Thank you for your response, but as I cannot get connected I am unable to download the link that you sent me. I am at work this morning, so that is why I am able to ask for advice on my work computer. Anything else you can advise me to do - perhaps I can buy some software? Or is there anything else I can try?

  Toria 09:42 14 Dec 2006

Just to give a bit more info on my current problem. I did run my Registry Cleaner, but I haven't run my Adware or my Spyboot programme - could that help?

  brundle 09:52 14 Dec 2006

The progra baldtaco linked to will fit on a floppy disk, assuming you are allowed to download programs at work.
You can use advanced mode in Spybot to check the LSP stack but create a system restore point before you start chopping and changing.

  Toria 09:57 14 Dec 2006

Sadly, I am unable to download programs at work, so unable to do that to take home. I am not an experienced computer person, I do try and with advice I have received from PC Advisor have always managed to get by - as I am unable to download this program is there one I could perhaps buy that would fix the problem? I have just had a thought but I did remove Adobe Photo program from my computer - could it have been that which has caused the problem? Thinking about it, it seems like it! Grateful all advice received. Thanks.

  Toria 10:09 14 Dec 2006

I know you advised me to use the advanced mode in Sptbot to check LSP stack - but as I don't understand that I am relucant to try. I am only in the office until 12:00 today so any advice given I need this morning.

  Toria 11:01 14 Dec 2006

Hi again, is there any more advice that I can have before I leave at 12:00? My apologies for placing so many threads.

  Toria 12:49 17 Dec 2006

Good Morning, I managed to download the Winsock from a friend's computer, but it still did not work. I have had my Dell computer checked and they say it is fine, Orange Broadband have run the various tests with me over the phone but I still cannot connect to the webpages or receive my e-mail. Now, what is strange I thought I would just try to install a Wannadoo Dial up connection to see what happens - and hey presto I can browse the internet again, obviously I can't receive my e-mails because I had to add a different e-mail address. I am dial up at the moment to put this thread in to see if anyone can give me anymore advice. I am unable reinstall the Orange Broadband, it just won't let me. Is there anything else I can do, or is it a case of doing a complete restore on the computer?

  mymate 13:00 17 Dec 2006

Have you looked into your network connections ? I have a Dell computer,and had to stop Dell network connection program running,as it took off my Modem connection,and put on the in built modem. No good uninstalling it,as it comes back when you boot back up.I just disabled it.and every thing works fine now .
I ran "Winsock" program,and it just put Dells modem back again !

  Toria 13:23 17 Dec 2006

I have looked at the network connections but I just have the Orange Pay as You Go, which I am using at the moment and Internet Gateway and LAN or High-Speed Internet, I have nothing else there - or is there somewhere else I should look? I can't understand why this has happened because it was all working fine.

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