network connections

  Madrat 22:12 03 Nov 2010

My internet is supplied by sky, the modem/router has 4 wired outputs all of which are in use, one of these is in my daughters room. She wants to be able to connect both her PC and Xbox to the internet. WiFi is very dodgy in her room, probably because of the distance and amount of solid brick walls between her and the router, is there any way of splitting the wired connection between the 2 and have both of them working at the same time.

  MAT ALAN 22:21 03 Nov 2010

click here

one of these...

  Nontek 22:51 03 Nov 2010

A pair of these would probably solve the problem. click here

  Madrat 22:54 03 Nov 2010

no thanks they can cause so many problems. will go with the first option

  Nontek 22:56 03 Nov 2010

Hmm, I use them myself, never had a problem, just faster than wireless.

  onthelimit 08:45 04 Nov 2010

Really? Such as....?

  Madrat 19:05 04 Nov 2010

Radio interference, security problems service drop out. Radio hams are trying to get them baned.

  Nontek 19:34 04 Nov 2010

Radio interference - ?? They are not wireless!!

  Madrat 20:34 04 Nov 2010

They cause the signal to radiate from the mains wiring because there is no suppression on mains wiring.

  Nontek 21:02 04 Nov 2010

Never heard of that, must pardon my ignorance. It never upset my CB'ing, though I am not a Ham. As I said earlier, I have not had any problems, just great Internet in whichever room I choose.

  onthelimit 09:09 05 Nov 2010

Not quite sure why hams are still around. With all the advances in (free) international, quality comms I would have thought they would have given up!

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