Network connection - unable to see both ways

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 16:21 19 May 2005

got a pc and laptop networked through router

have just had to reformat and rebuild the laptop (don't ask!)

On making network connection, can see each machine from the other, file sharing is on, shared internet works fine, but I cannot get at the files on my laptop from the desktop - can get files from desktop from laptop no problem.

Zonealarm has trusted network, but strange thing is when looking at the microsoft security console - it tells me that windows firewall is on, but when I look at the setiings to turn it off, its already off, but the main window says its on.

Seems to internet work security turned on, but cannot find a way of turning it off.

Anyone any ideas


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