Network connection over VPN

  zed650 20:54 23 Apr 2004

The work is configuring my laptop to be able to access the company network over a VPN. Initially it will be through a dial up service but as I already have BB (Pipex, connected through speedtouch 330 USB) I would prefer to connect over that instead.

IT have said that this would be no problem but that I would need a router and have suggested this one from D-Link click here
The best news is that I will have to pay for it!!

Is there a cheaper alternative with a similar spec. and, as I will be setting it up, it will have to be pretty idiot proof.



  GaT7 14:28 26 Apr 2004

[Zed - I just 'bumped' you up as you were close to slipping off the end of the visible list! Good luck, G]

  moore_mat 14:52 26 Apr 2004

Hi Zed

That's actually quite a cheap solution. The most likely reason they are suggesting a router is it will allow you to have your laptop plugged in as the same time as any other computers in your house (presumably you already have at least the one with the broadband connection). It would be hard work to use both machines at the same time with your USB modem. Another reason they might want you to use this is that routers are normally set to block any "hacking" attempts automatically. Your USB modem would not have that feature.

The routers are generally painless to set up - they will come with an information sheet, and you install the router by following the guide (changing settings on your PC) then onto a website contained within the router (to hook you up to the internet provider). Once complete both computers will be able to access the internet at the same time.

Hope this is of some use

[email protected]

  zed650 21:03 26 Apr 2004

Thanks, nearly fell into page 11!

Thanks, comforting to know that it will be straight-forward to set up. I'm sure I'll manage to break it somehow though. It'll be a couple of months I expect before I'm able (allowed!!!) to purchase it so will try and learn a wee bit more.

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