Network connection gradually dropping.

  sunnycrest 20:51 13 Jan 2007


I wonder if anyone can help. I have a D-link DSL-G604T wireless modem router. It works fine for a while, then say after 10-30 mins it gradually starts to not work properly. Firstly pictures stop loading on certain sites, then certain websites wont load, then all together on everything it says "this webpage cannot be displayed".

If i turn the router off for 20 secs then back on again it will work again once it has restarted. This problem happens if i am working on the pc that the router is plugged into, and also the laptop when working wirelessly.

I dont know what to do - i am sure it is some setting, but i havent got a clue what. Thanks.


  STREETWORK 21:58 13 Jan 2007
  sunnycrest 23:40 13 Jan 2007

Thanks for the links - I did the test and it was fine when the internet hadnt dropped, but of course when the internet crashed it wouldnt work. I did download the suggested fix thing from the first link, but that has not helped.

i am not confident enough to get into regestries etc. Can someone explain what they think the problem is in basic terms to me please. :)

  pipedream 00:00 14 Jan 2007

Sounds like it could be a faulty router - can you exchange it?

  STREETWORK 07:38 14 Jan 2007

Now do the following...

1. Ring BT and request a line check
2. If you can, swop the filters
3. Check the position of the router, not near metal objects or magnetic fields, such as speakers
4. Update the firmware by going into the router configuration settings

The alternative would be to take it back and change it for an alternative modem, this one appears to be fraught with problems

  dom dom 23:24 24 Apr 2007


Fact 1 The line drop for not apparent reason and need to connect either by just umpluging the power and wait 20 sec before reconnect it or by using the router interface on my PC, by:
log in
System command

Fact 2
When internet drop look at the router and you ll see the DSL lght blinking when suppose to stay still. Only the Status light should blink.
When this happen try to run ping test and surprise: seam to be fine!?!? The ping i run on Command Prompt is:
ping -t
which the pc and router constantly send signal to test that the comunication is fine.
To know the average of Min and Max just type:
or any other web site. If the router is not working properly you wont get any result with these tests.

Fact 3: the line drop mostly in the afeernoon so thats could be the ISP problem and D Link customer service declare that D link router might spot working when the signal from ISP is weak or none. So this tilt the bloody router! I don t believe this because connection with ethernet cable is ok.

Now there is anyone out there that manage to keep this line still forever! and if there is, could tell how to let this thing connected, please?

Note: please have a look other forum to realize that this is a common problem but still a good router/modem compare to others.

  dom dom 23:32 24 Apr 2007

Thyonet BroadBand Wireless Radios Zeus, Eros or Achilles Series
Have you ever heard about this router.
Froam another forum I understand that seam to be a realyy good one... the best.
Do you know it?

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