Network connection details lease obtained?

  morris948 17:43 17 Nov 2007

Just curious to know about why there is a 'lease obtained' time and date and a 'lease expired' time and date in the network connection details window of my pc.
I notice that it is valid for 3 days and changes everytime i boot up with a current time and date.

So what is this about? if i left my pc on for longer than 3 days, will the network connection drop out?

  brundle 23:00 17 Nov 2007

It's to do with DHCP which provides your PC with its IP address. The IP address lease is re-negotiated shortly before it runs out, if that IP address is not available another one will be tried, only if there are no IP addresses in your scope will the connection drop out due to DHCP. Seeing as it most likely relates to your wireless router that is a very unlikely proposition.

  mgmcc 23:02 17 Nov 2007

When you connect the network adapter to the router and get the addresses - IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server(s) - from its DHCP server, these are "leased" for a period of time. Normally, about half way through the period of the lease, it will automatically be renewed so, in practice, it will never run out. :-)

  sazie31 20:00 05 Sep 2009


I have the same problem, in my connection details, I have lease obtained and lease expired. When the 3 days were up my connection failed. I checked with my router supplier and there's no fault on the line. I'm using a laptop with a wireless card. The pc with line connection works fine. When I try to connect, the signal is strong but there's no connection. When I try repair it, it says it can't repair the IP address. Whats wrong? Is it my wireless card?


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