Network computers want to connect to internet

  Red Devil 13:32 04 May 2003

I'm currently running a network with 2 computers permanently connected and sometimes my laptop connected too. My main desktop has the modem connected, ICS is enabled and is the computer I use as the internet server. Whenever one of the other computers on the network is turned on it automatically tries to connect to the internet and consequently the main computer tries to connect to my ISP. If I don't let it connect then the client computer will keep trying to connect every 10 minutes or so. Is there a reason as to why this happens and is there a way that I can stop it from happening?


  soy 14:33 04 May 2003

Your second computer may have a program that is trying to connect to the internet. Maybe Email client, program connecting for updates or even spyware.

Have a look at what programs are installed on the second PC and try a determine what program requires an internet connection.

  Kitz E Kat 20:31 04 May 2003

Hi same thing happened to me, i got Zone Alarm, and that did the trick.

  chris6891 20:51 04 May 2003

on the computere which hosts the internet for the others, go into either the network setting, or the internet settings (cant remember) and there will be an option in one of them stating *allow other computers to control internet functions* or something along those lines...uncheck that, then they will not be able to dial ure other one up.

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