Network Combo Cards

  sbond 19:53 10 Apr 2003

I have a 10Mbps PCI Combo network card with both coax (10Base2) and UTP (10BaseT) ports on it. Can this be used to connect the exiting Coax segment up to a hub (using both connections on the card).

Also, if this does work, I presume the comuter that was connected to both the segment and hub would need to be on for the two networks to see each other. Yes?

  BlueMeanie 20:04 10 Apr 2003

I stand to be corrected, but believe that you can only use ONE of the connectors at any one time.

  DieSse 22:48 10 Apr 2003

Correct - you can definately only use one or the other connector - not both.

What you need is a hub with a coax connector, as well as UTP connections - they are available, and I've installed exactly this type of "mixed" LAN.

  sbond 19:07 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your help - I'm already decided on which router/hud/ADSL Modem I want to use and since there are only 2 PCs on Coax I'll just buy a length of UTP cable.

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