network card or usb adaptor?

  broggs 21:51 31 Mar 2003

I have ntl broadband 128k using a usb adaptor.I have to take the adaptor out when I am burning cd's as it slows the burning time down considerably.
Would a network card be any better or faster?

  tamc98 22:02 31 Mar 2003

Is your usb adaptor an internal pci card or an external type?
I had the same problem when i added a usb pci card, but my system would crash completely.
Either way its better to use a network card as a usb connection uses processor time and can slow the system.
As my system was getting on a bit I fitted anew mobo' with onboard Lan. No more problems.
hth, Tony

  broggs 22:15 31 Mar 2003

Its an external usb to ethernet adaptor which ntl supply with the fixing kit.THey say use it because this is the easiest to install.
I have a network card in my spare pc so I think I'll give it a try.

By disconnecting this adaptor when using clone cd to copy cd's it drops the burning time by nearly three quarters.

  tamc98 22:25 31 Mar 2003

Which modem are you using?
I have the ntl 600 kpbs service with the flat, silver ntl modem. This is supplied with both usb and network cables so you can choose which one you want.
Neither one is any harder to install that the other. The only differance is that you click on network instead of usb when asked by the installer program.
The other advantage of using the network connection is that you then still have a spare usb port.

  Blitzer 00:20 01 Apr 2003

I have NTL's 600kbps service and also the Silver ntl:home branded cable modem. I used to have problems with system not always seeing the modem if I used extra hardware like my external SCSI Zip drive. In the end I went out and bought another network card and switched to connecting the modem via that rather than the USB port - it fixed the problem instantly and it's been running fine ever since. I'd certainly recommend the network card route over USB. :)

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