network card and floppy drive

  Randall 21:46 12 Mar 2003

I have just fitted a 10/100pcline network card and now find the A: floppy drive gives error messages and doesn't work properly.
Removing card driver cures problem but (of course) the card then doesn't work!
Running Windows 98 on P600.

Any ideas?

  LastChip 23:39 12 Mar 2003

You could try this; no guarantees of success though!

Go into Device Manager, and delete the card altogether.

Shut down the computer, and re-install the card in a DIFFERENT slot to the one you have chosen at the moment.

This should force Windows to recognize the card again, and also give it a different IRQ and memory blocks.

It's a long shot, but may work.

  Randall 21:40 13 Mar 2003

Thanks I have tried changing slot and it still happens.
As I got it from PCWorld their helpline is alst resort. It cost me lots on "helpline" calls before they admitted to selling me a duff mother board for the other computer - It was always my fault until I offered to pay for them to install the card (£25) then they confessed to a bad PCI chip.

Since getting that computer back and proceeding with the network set up (from scratch) this problem has come up!


  BlueMeanie 12:07 15 Mar 2003

How about trying another brand of Network card, will PCWorld let you swop ?

Could it be one of those incompatibility issues.

(My latest one is when I installed a Microsoft Wheel Mouse optical into the USB socket the Sound card failed !! Using the PS2 adapter supplied and the USB port solved this.... strange but true.)


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