Network Card faulty ?

  NeilatBexley 18:12 09 Apr 2004

I have XP and a Netgear DG814 Route/Modem.
The PC cannot connect to network, (IE cannot find anything) but if I disconect my cable from the router and plug in a laptop, it works fine. PC states a network connecection is made. However cannot ping the router. Is my network card faulty, and if so how do I tell?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:26 09 Apr 2004

Easiest way to tell is to try another one - unlikely that two will be malfunctioning.

  AndySD 18:31 09 Apr 2004

What is the make/model of the network card?

  AndySD 18:33 09 Apr 2004

D'oh I am slow today its a crossover cable if it works between the pc an laptop and you need a \straight through (patch) cable for the router.

  NeilatBexley 18:41 09 Apr 2004

Hi both
Maybe I confused you.
I don't have a crossover cable
If I disconnect the cable running from the router to the PC and connect it to a laptop, then the connection works. Hence its not the router or cable, but either software or hardware inside the PC.
One more thing I should have said. Normally when a network connection is established, aone of four numbers lights up permenantly on the router. However with this fault, the number flashes at v. high speed constantly
The name/make of the network crad- dunno - can I tell through control panel?
I would retest another card if I had one right now - but good idea!

  AndySD 18:47 09 Apr 2004

"If I disconnect the cable running from the router to the PC and connect it to a laptop, then the connection works." ??? are you positive its not a crossover?

click here is a small free program that will tell you your pc spec's

  NeilatBexley 19:00 09 Apr 2004

No it not a crossover.
My PC is wired to the router with a cable, but no network connection is established.
I unplug the cable from the network card at the PC, and then plug in the cable (still attached to the router) to the laptop. Now I get a network connection on the laptop.

  AndySD 20:23 09 Apr 2004

Can you go Start then Accessories then Command Prompt type in


hit return and tell us what it says.

  NeilatBexley 00:24 24 Apr 2004

I bought another network card, and everything works fine
I guess the old one was faulty
Thanks for all the ideas

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