Network card for Broadband

  royamok 01:15 16 Jan 2006

I currently have 2 computers, one using Xp & one using ME. For dial up I simply plug each one individually into the telephone socket.
I use NTL as my ISP and am considering changing to broadband.The computers are not networked and I don't want them to be.
The Xp comp is not a problem. My WINMe comp does not have a network card and when I run NTL's winqualifier program it freezes.
What network card should I buy & install to make it work with broadband??

  RickH0684 01:28 16 Jan 2006

I have always understood that Ethernet connections are faster, however with todays capabilities I wouldnt imagine you will notice much difference between that and a USB connection which should be an option, I would have thought that NTL can provide a USB connection, I seem to recall have the option when setting this up for my cousin who also has NTL, not sure what winqualifier is, if you do need to buy a network card any standard ethernet card should do the job, PC World are usually good for them kind of things, especially with all the deals they got going at the moment, they should be able to point you in the right direction although I wouldnt expect any mind blowing advice...

Hope this is of some help,


  royamok 01:38 16 Jan 2006

Thanks, RickH.
According to NTL website, network card is better and more reliable than USB.
Will visit PC World as you suggest .
thanks again.

  madPentium 08:10 16 Jan 2006

hmmm Im not quite sure how you are going to do this????
As far as I can remember, when you install the NTL modem, via a Network card, the modem takes in some kind of hardware or mac address from the PC? This means you would have to unconnect the xp pc, and reinstall the software on the ME machine, and vice versa.
You know, to network them is a doddle and you if you dont share any folders or printers on either machine, there's no difference really to what you have. The beauty is however, you can have BOTH pcs on the internet at the same time. All you need is a network card for the ME pc, and a 4 port switch. Install the internet on the XP pc, and it will be shared from there. There only problem I have known with 98/ME is that they seem to demand a couple of DNS addresses. You can obtain these from the XP machine when connected using the dos prompt command ipconfig.
Make a note of the DNS and put it into the ME IP settings for the network.

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