network card

  mermaid25 15:08 18 Mar 2008

please forgive my lack of knowledge, but wanted to see if this is possible.

Am thinking of buying new desktop pc and have looked at getting another dell as had no probs with current system.

have had a quote for a system with XP pro (Bought a laptop in Nov with the same.)

problem is the Pci network card they supply is only supported by Vista.

I already have one in the current pc( running XP home) that my godson installed when he set up the wireless router about 18 months ago.

could this one be taken from current pc and put in new one.

  MAJ 15:24 18 Mar 2008


  mermaid25 15:29 18 Mar 2008


as simple as that! I thought so even with my limited knowledge.
Thank you for responding.:0)

  MAJ 15:34 18 Mar 2008

It's strange that the one they supply is only supported by Vista, mermaid25. What is the make and model of the supplied card?

  mermaid25 15:44 18 Mar 2008

just copied from dell site

Internal PCI 802.11b/g Wireless Network Card

suppose that doesn't tell you much really does it?

  MAJ 15:53 18 Mar 2008

That's a wireless network card, mermaid25, it's different from an ordinary network card. You'll have to buy a wireless network card to replace it, if you want to use the wireless capabilities. click here I'm not sure what type of network card your godson installed?

  mermaid25 16:08 18 Mar 2008

oops...I think that is what we have installed...

we needed it to be connected to the router and internet????(is that right)

and thats what I was asking the dell guy. If I am using the same wireless router would the card from the old pc fit in the new pc.

  MAJ 16:22 18 Mar 2008

I'm still unsure what you have installed, mermaid25, a Wireless PCI card, like the one I have shown in the link above, or an ordinary Network card like this one click here

The first allows you to connect to the router wirelessly, the second allows you to connect to the router with an ethernet cable. Using the second type, you'll need a USB wireless adapter to connect to the router wirelessly. click here

  mermaid25 16:29 18 Mar 2008

i have a wireless pci card ..(i think) as pc is upstairs.
Router, external hard drive and broadband connection are downstairs.

  MAJ 16:35 18 Mar 2008

Then yes, mermaid25, just replace the one in the Dell PC with the another one from the old PC. Make sure, from Dell, that do that wont invalidate your warranty.

As an aside, why aren't you sticking with Vista, I'm sure the new PC would have had that installed?

  mermaid25 16:54 18 Mar 2008

I did my head in trying to decide XP or vista when buying my laptop and asked around ( I am a mobile hairdresser and several clients have very techy husbands) and general concensus was stick to XP.

So I i am in same dilemma and have decided as I'm not good at this stuff, best to stick with what I know.

It may be not a good idea from anothers point of view, but I'm happy with it.

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