network card

  tonyq 12:42 04 May 2006

Hi all,
please can anyone tell me,If I see a laptop with the following Network Card:
10/100/1000 LAN Wireless Mini PCI 802.11bg(54Mbps) LAN & Bluetooth
Does this mean that the laptop can be connected to receive broadband wireless?.If not what is the card for?.
Regards tonyq

  Taff™ 12:53 04 May 2006

I would think it definately is wireless enabled. The 802.11bg is a wireless standard. What make and model is it? You would obviously need to have a wireless router to use.

  tonyq 14:09 04 May 2006

Hi Taff,,
Don't know the make or model of the card, if that is what you meant,if you meant the laptop,"Evesham Quest A420 Plus",at the moment I am running "Wanadoo Broadband" using there Livebox(USB),on my PC,and was hoping to be able to connect a laptop to the broadband using the laptops card rather than having to buy another Wanadoo USB wireless device. Has you may have guest I'm not very well up on this sort of thing.
Regards tonyq

  mgmcc 14:15 04 May 2006

Yes the laptop is wireless enabled and should connect to the Livebox. However, when connecting wireless adapters not supplied as part of the Wanadoo package, you need to follow the procedure from this page:

"How to connect a third party wireless device to your Livebox" - click here

  tonyq 15:35 04 May 2006

Thank you for the "How to connect a third party wireless device to your Livebox" I have printed it out and followed the instructions but when I get to Double click on the Wireless Network Connection all I get is,
"No Wireless Networks Were Found in Range"
I have even tried placing the laptop next to the Livebox with the same result.
P.S took me a while to find out how to switch the wireless card on.
Regards tonyq

  mgmcc 17:22 04 May 2006

I'm not familiar with the Livebox, but assume it has the option to enable/disable broadcasting of its SSID?

If so, is it enabled so that it is visible to network adapters scanning for Available Wireless Networks?

  tonyq 18:17 04 May 2006

sorry but I don't know if it has the option to enable/disable broadcasting of its SSID. What is SSID ?

  mgmcc 18:38 04 May 2006

The SSID (literally Service Set Identifier) is the wireless network's name, i.e. the name that is seen by network adapters when they scan for networks to connect to. Routers often have the facility to switch off the broadcasting of the SSID to prevent unwanted connections to your network.

It seemed that this might have been a reason for your laptop not seeing the wireless network.

This is a "long shot", but some laptops are configured by default to switch off wireless networking if mains power is not detected. If you are running on the battery, check in Control Panel's Power Settings that this isn't the case with your laptop.

  tonyq 20:27 04 May 2006

everything seems to be O.K in Control Panel's Power Settings. I have tried both mains & battery with the same results.
Sorry don't know how to find out about SSID.

  ade.h 20:48 04 May 2006

Mgmcc might be barking up the right tree, just the the wrong branch. If power management for devices is having an effect, it is actually controlled from within Device Manager. Double click on the adapter's entry and you should see a Power Management tab, on which there will be a check box that should be blank. Hope that helps, but as mgmcc says, it is not necessarily going to be the #1 suspect.

  tonyq 13:30 05 May 2006

Have checked,found
"Power Saving Mode": Value-Cam (constantly awake}
(could this relate to the on board camera?

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