Network can share files but i dont get internet

  smc1 16:22 28 Dec 2005

i had a dialer, i deleted it, and my Network works, but i cant get internet...why? Because i've put the IP and things in it. Any advise apprichiated, this is a Christmas present and i need to use the internet and am unable to.

  retep888 16:30 28 Dec 2005

What connection method do you use? Broadband or Dialup?

Broadband isn't affected by dialer normally.

<< Because i've put the IP and things in it. >> What do you mean by that?

  smc1 17:04 28 Dec 2005

The settings seems to go, so i put the IP adress and Gateway in, but still cannot connect to the internet, yet i can send files from downstairs computer to my upstairs computer.

  smc1 17:09 28 Dec 2005

I have Broadband btw

  retep888 17:22 28 Dec 2005

I think we'll need more informations about your systems, so whoever available can help.

OS (both)

What was the original problem? What have you done?

Router (wireless?) make & model

What IP address and Gateway you've put in?

Which ISP?

  smc1 17:49 28 Dec 2005

OS (both)

Windows XP Home Edition

What was the original problem? What have you done?

I had the internet working for about 30 mins until i got the dialer virus. After i deleted the virus, the internet still wouldn't run. I fiddled about and made the systems be able to file-share, so i've just been sending my MP3s on my new computer (The computer that wont go online)

Router (wireless?) make & model


Wireless USB 54g

What IP address and Gateway you've put in?

(should i really provide this information)

Which ISP?

BT Buisness Broadband

  mgmcc 22:01 28 Dec 2005

<<< What IP address and Gateway you've put in? >>>

You shouldn't have put anything in, the addresses should be allocated by the router's DHCP server.

<<< (should i really provide this information) >>>

As you will be using essentially the same addresses as everyone else using a Belkin router, I don't think it's any great secret. Your addresses should all be in the 192.168.2.x subnet with the router itself (and thus the Default Gateway) being

  retep888 01:48 29 Dec 2005

As mgmcc already pointed out it's not a secret to disclose the ip address as all Belkin wireless router use the same addresses.

The default gateway if asigned by DHCP will be and the rest of the client pcs will be from to

If you put in any addresses other than these, you're in trouble.That's why I asked.

I can tell you my ip address of this pc I'm using, as I'm using Netgear router, my default gateway is, ip address is, it's not great secret at all.

  smc1 16:57 30 Dec 2005

Big thanks, problem is now over. Thanks for all the help.

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