network cable

  yorkieman 00:37 24 Feb 2006

help me please its driving me crazy. i keep getting a ballon popping up next to the clock saying (local area connection 2 a network cable is unpluged) this is happening once every two mins. thanks in advance

  007al 00:44 24 Feb 2006

Check your internet connection cables are pushed in properly,in the pc and router/modem/set top box.
Who is your internet supplier?

  yorkieman 00:50 24 Feb 2006


  007al 01:00 24 Feb 2006

Open up Network Connections-double click your connection to the internet-when Local Area C onnections opens up,choose Support tab and click on repair.See if that fixes it.
Have you checked all connections are pushed all the way in first?

  dms05 07:29 24 Feb 2006

You don't say if you are already connected to AOL and you get this in addition. If you do, have you 2 LAN cards installed. If you have go to <Show all Connections> then click on LAN2 to Disable it. If you need to enable later then repeat this step.

  yorkieman 09:04 24 Feb 2006

tried repair but no go,where do i find show all connections? and yes i am already connected to aol

  terryf 09:53 24 Feb 2006

Go to Control Panel>Network Connections in XP, possibly the same in other versions

  micklemouse 10:48 24 Feb 2006

go to Control Panel, and find Network Connections,, there you'll see the icon for your LAN connection. Right click on this and view Properties at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Now you'll see a window open up called Local Area Connection Properties. On the General tab, take the tick out of "Notify me when this connection has limited or no connective ability."

This should work.

  yorkieman 17:07 24 Feb 2006

tried that but all it did was loose my aol connection

  CurlyWhirly 11:43 26 Feb 2006

"tried that but all it did was loose my aol connection"

It shouldn't cause you to lose your connection as all you are doing is altering the way that Windows displays informaion on the taskbar.

I have done exactly what micklemouse suggested months ago as I had the same network cable error message as you but I also put a tick in the option box 'Show icon in notification area when connected' and then you should be able to see 2 monitors on your taskbar like this:

click here

  yorkieman 11:57 26 Feb 2006

thanks i have two monitors with a red cross against it and sometimes i have two monitors showing with a moving yellow dot as well

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