Network Cable

  poogles_uk 08:27 10 Aug 2004

Is the maximun distance of 1 peice of rj-45 cat 5 cabling 50m? How can you extend this distance? Is the easiest way to include an ethernet switch or can you get extenders (is it called a repeater? Where can you buy it these lengths? (Lindy?)

  hillybilly 08:31 10 Aug 2004

The max for Cat5e cable is 90 metres to be safe. thats as far a long arun as we efer do. you can then fit a small 5 port switch , that will act as a repeater. Cat5 cable can be bought inthe roll at 305 metres, which sounds like the cheapest way for you.

  hillybilly 08:35 10 Aug 2004

Missed you last bit! You can buy drums of cat5 virtually anywhere including you local electrical wholesaler. Very often they will be cheaper then the companies on the net. Otherwise I would expect "ebuyer" definately from "maplins"

  poogles_uk 09:00 10 Aug 2004

Ok, an idea.

There is a computer on the shop floor about 100m distance with wire. There is a wireless router already installed, but that is a long way away. Around 50m from the router, following the same path there is a wireless enabled computer. What would the cheapest way to put this computer on the network?. A cable from the 1st computer to the wireless and then a 5 port hub in place, and then run it to the other hubs, or to run a cable to this wireless computer and to buy an ethernet to 802.11b+ Client adapter and run it from the wireless?

  hillybilly 09:07 10 Aug 2004

Sorry to sound silly but can you run that past me again, ref to thepc's as 1. 2. 3. because I'm not sure what you already have on the network and whats not!

  poogles_uk 09:21 10 Aug 2004

Right, there is 1 computer thats not on the network and needs to be. In the offices there is a wireless router and ethernet router.

The pc needed to be connected is about 100m , this is not direct.

There is a computer, about 50m away that is connected to the wireless network.

Which is the cheapest way to connect the computer to the network?

Opt 1. Run cables to this computer, with a 5 port hub by the wireless computer
Opt 2. Connect to wireless network with big internal antenna
Opt 3. Run the ethernet cables to the pc already on the wireless netowrk, to buy an ethernet to 802.11b+ Client adapter and run it from the wireless network, as it would be in range.

Other options appreciated

  hillybilly 09:34 10 Aug 2004

Option 1. would be my choice for speed and reliabilty of connection and I think also cost. Cable is still faster then wireless, it's less liable to drop off the network an a drum of cables about £30, a small 5 port switch about £20 to £30. Then you just have to think about time it takes to install.

  poogles_uk 09:40 10 Aug 2004

Right, the 5 port hub ill look for on PCW business.

For the cabling where can i get it? I assume if you buy big reesl you have to wire up the plugs yourself?

  poogles_uk 09:45 10 Aug 2004

Maplins have click here for cabling would this do? And for the plugs click here what would i need? And where can i get instructions for wiring up these plugs?

Would i need click here this?

Also how easy is it to wire wall plates?

  hillybilly 09:50 10 Aug 2004

Oh yes sorry, you will. The plugs are anything from 10p to 50p, the problem is the crimping pliers that you need to connect them with. They will set you back around £17 to £25 depends where you get them. Once again try a local electrical wholesaler first. You could look around locally for your small private independant pc engineer who would probably make them up for you! It only takes 5 minutes to put 2 plugs on.

  poogles_uk 09:54 10 Aug 2004

Well, im probably going to do it!! im doing clerical work, but im also part time it admin (aint bad for being 15 :-))

So the 8 pin plugs, and i will get the tools, maplins seems the best bet!!


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