Network Attached Storage - Permission Problem

  sunrunner 20:35 30 Jan 2007

Hi all, I am new so please be gentle! I have just purchased a Buffalo Linkstation Pro 500GB NAS server. It is working fine but I want to make the most of it. Having spoken with the help desk at buffalo it would appear some of the reviews may have got it wrong. I want to share a printer but they say it can't, even though it has a printer&faxes folder installed on the drive. I also want to restict access to some of the sharing folders stored on the drive. I only seem to be able to get it to share a folder with everyone or not at all. I have 2 desk PC's via wired connection to my Netgear834GT. 2 laptops connect via wifi and the Linkstation pro is connected via wire to the router. Having spent the best part of £200 I am dissappointed that I can't do what I thought it would do. I am hoping it is my lack of expertise. Help needed if you can!!!!!

  mgmcc 09:25 31 Jan 2007

<<< I want to share a printer but they say it can't, even though it has a printer&faxes folder installed on the drive. >>>

A USB/Parallel printer is shared in a network in one of two ways:

(a) Most commonly, by connecting it to one of the networked PCs and setting it as "shared". It is then available to other computers in the network provided the 'host' computer is running.

(b) By installing a "Network Print Server". This connects directly to the router by ethernet cable or wirelessly and has the necessary printer port (USB or Parallel) with which to connect the printer.

There are also printers with an ethernet interface, designed to connect directly to a network.

<<< I only seem to be able to get it to share a folder with everyone or not at all. >>>

You may need some third-party encryption software or similar to control which computers access which folders. A NAS drive's "raison d'être" is normally to host files that are to be available to all computers in the network.

  sunrunner 07:55 01 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. I do currently have my printer attached to PC connected to the network so I can live this.

My main problem is access to folders on the Linkstation. I have tracked back to several reviews of the product which all state that permissions can be set. I have tried all the access settings I cab think of using the web interface for the product (like a router). No luck though. I am hoping that someone may have some experience here.


  mgmcc 09:28 01 Feb 2007

I don't pretend to know anything about file permissions, but suspect that they would have to be assigned from the PC in the same way as files stored in the internal drive. This *may* require that the drive is formatted as NTFS, not FAT32, and that the operating system is either Windows 2000 or XP Professional, which support the additional security features not available in XP Home.

...but someone more knowledgeable about file permissions may be able to offer other suggestions.

  sunrunner 11:21 01 Feb 2007

The linkstation is NTFS formatted and is wired to my wireless router. All PC's that need to access the NAS run XP SP2.

  recap 12:02 01 Feb 2007

click here it may help with File Permissions

  Shalo 20:44 07 Feb 2007

hey mate, i have a buffalo linksystem 300 homeserver, the folder sharing thing is all about what you do when that first login box appears (not the folder, but the root ie. the page where you see all your networked pc's etc, if you clear all your cookies etc, then go into your network and double click for example, mine is called SERVER, it asks you for user and password, use the details you configured in the shared folder setup page with the user who you gave the access permission to.. I found that if i initially logged in as something different it basically denied me indefinatly, ( i think the cookies store this info somehow) i have now problems now, as my wife has her own little private folder which only she can access, as to usb print server, also i have this working easy, you need to install drivers on the pc for the printer, then connect printer so that you can use it direct from pc, then pull plug from pc and into the rear usb of NAS, then go through the network printer set up. mine works peachy

  sunrunner 23:08 07 Feb 2007

Shalo, Shalo, Shalo.......You are da man!!!!!
Did exactly as you suggested and all is well in NAS land. I can now sleep at night and work away without having to worry about valuable data being wiped or changed by little (or not so little) fingers in the house!


  Shalo 12:48 08 Feb 2007

love it when a plan comes together .. i spent hours sussing it, have you managed to get it working at gigabit speeds yet ? thats my next mission, i have all the hardware but i think its the cat 5 cable thats bottlenecking it..

  sunrunner 14:32 08 Feb 2007

Thats way over my head mate. Dont know if its gigabit , cat5 or what...sorry. My next mission is to find an effective way to share the files so I can watch and listen to music on the TV and home cinema in the lounge. Will no doubt end up posting to ask for advice and help..LOL

  Shalo 20:10 13 Feb 2007

im having loads a probs with mine, just when it looks like a good piece of kit, vista arives on the scene, i still cant reliably be able to access this POS on a regular basis, why just they cant leave it at a simple user/password and your in ... nope they have to complicate it by 2 levels of access, keep getting the dreded user/password error ... getting fed up with it and still pondering the idea of introducing to to an old friend of mine the 7lb Hammer... hope you guys still got hair left on your heads as mines all scattered around the floor in clumps

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