Network Advice - For a Network Beginner!

  matt-few 17:20 04 Jan 2008

Although I have a reasonable understanding of computers over many years, I have yet to get my head around Networking.

I have a BT Home Hub (V 1.5). My PC is wired and my laptop is wireless. I also have a Belkin Expander and use the internet on both successfully around the house.

All I want to do now is to share files between both machines (wireless network) aswell as one of my USB printers (Epson Photo R800). I want to set up a very secure network ideally using WPA2 as we do have neighbours nearby. Any suggestions for how to do this or any website links would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  pchelper001 17:24 04 Jan 2008

are you currently using your laptop wirelessly?

If so what security do you currently have on it?

To share files on the machines, run the network setup wizard (on xp) making sure all the setting in it are the same on both pc's.

  pchelper001 17:27 04 Jan 2008

if you want to make your printer wireless as well, then you could get a print server for it. Take a look at click here and type in print server

  matt-few 17:40 04 Jan 2008

Thanks pchelper

Currently the BT Home Hub is set to WPA+WPA2 and the laptop connects easily to the hub. I have tried the XP Network Setup Wizard this week and saved the settings to flash drive. When I inserted the flash drive into the home hub, nothing happened, and unable to share files.

Am I doing something wrong. Could I not connect the printer to the home hub so it becomes a network printer, so is that just too simply!

Thanks again

  pchelper001 17:54 04 Jan 2008

you shouldn't plug the usb flash drive into the bt home hub! you should put it in the laptop or pc, whicherver you didn't make it on, as the computers should connect throught the hub.

As far as i am aware you can't just connect the printer to the home hub.

  pchelper001 17:58 04 Jan 2008

These are some instructions i found...

1. Add your printer normally as if its attached to your machine.
2. Once added, right click on properties then on the ports tab.
3. Click add port, choose Standard TCP/IP Port, click New Port.
4. Enter as the IP address, and anything you like as the name.
5. Click Custom, then Settings.
6.Choose LPR as protocol Queue Name: LPT1 check LPR byte counting as enabled, click ok.
7. Finish the wizard

  pchelper001 18:00 04 Jan 2008

Here is a useful page i foud, which you might like.

click here

  matt-few 18:02 04 Jan 2008

I made the settings on my pc, so put the flash drive into my laptop and BT HomeHub. XP W/Wizards advises to also load settings with flash drive on wireless access points too.

However, as my Belkin Wireless Expander / Access Point does not have a USB slot on it and my BT HomeHub does, I tried to copy the files onto my HomeHub instead.

  pchelper001 18:05 04 Jan 2008

you don't need to put the settings into the homehub or the access point, just the computers that you want to share files.

  pchelper001 18:05 04 Jan 2008

you are using the network setup wizard, not the wireless setup wizard?

  matt-few 18:07 04 Jan 2008

Thanks for the info on setting up printer on Hub and for website. I only have the HomeHub as got it free with digital phone and on a cheap contract as been with BT for years. For someone who is IT savvie (without Network knowledge!!), would I have been better off being a decent wireless modem and router.

I do use the BTBroadband Talk phone line with the hub and all non mobiles calls just cost £5 per month - day and night.

Any other kit I can use and still use VoIP aswell?

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