Network adaptor not found - where is it??

  old sour wester 14:33 16 Mar 2004

Trying to reinstall broadband connection after a reformat of the hard drive using windows 98se. Everything works except the modem intallation wizard which tells me that the TCP/IP stack is not installed and neither is the network adaptor. Well, it used to be. Could this be a hardware failure? having trouble finding someone who can tell me what a network adaptor looks like otherwise I would be hoikin it out and installing a new one. Is it that simple??

  Kaacee 14:53 16 Mar 2004

Which ISP are you using, if AOL you can find the adaptor if you click on AOL in programmes,then system information, then utilities.

Hope this helps

  old sour wester 15:03 16 Mar 2004


Thanks, isp is blueyonder, not AOL. The install disc they sent me does a systems check which identified the fault but gets me no further.They advised reinstalling windows (did that again) and it still can't be found. So as far as they are concerned this is my problem

  mgmcc 16:36 16 Mar 2004

If the TCP/IP stack isn't installed, you may have to install Dial Up Networking which should install it. Co to "Control Panel > Add/Remove programs" and select the "Windows Setup" tab. Highlight the Communications entry and click the Details button. Put a tick in Dial Up Networking and 'OK' the two dialog boxes. You may need the Windows CD and to reboot.

If Dial Up Networking is installed, try uninstalling it, rebooting and then reinstalling it to see if that also restores the TCP/IP stack.

In "Control Panel > Network", the list of installed components should include:

Dial-Up Adapter
TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter

If you have a network card installed, it should also have:

(name of your) Network Adapter
TCP/IP -> (name of your) Network Adapter

and there could be other protocols in there as well, such as IPX/SPX and NetBEUI.

<<having trouble finding someone who can tell me what a network adaptor looks like otherwise I would be hoikin it out and installing a new one.>>

At the back of the PC, there will be an RJ45 socket, which looks like the modem's RJ11 socket but larger. That is the network adapter, but it shouldn't be the cause of TCP/IP missing, because normal internet dialups require TCP/IP even if there is no network card installed.

  mgmcc 16:39 16 Mar 2004

Sorry, the forum software has totally messed up the formatting of that posting, which makes it a bit confusing. Grrrh!

  old sour wester 10:48 17 Mar 2004

Thanks all, uninstall and reboot from the window disc did it this time round, but that only revealed another problem - the connection is there (ISP pinged it and tell me it is definitely there) but when I try to open explorer or outlook express I just get a blank notebook page..... this is despite running anti virus and trojan detectors....aaargh!!!

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