netsky virus ?

  aramis 17:04 05 Mar 2004

I just thought I would mention that my Norton av2003 just stopped w32 [email protected] mm. Norton said it deleted it automatically. hope so! Was this a virus attack?

  curlylad 17:11 05 Mar 2004

Absolutely it was a Virus attack , it's one of the new ones doing the rounds,glad to hear your AV picked it up and binned it,jolly good show old chap !

  aramis 17:14 05 Mar 2004

thank old bean!

  clarendon5qx 17:29 05 Mar 2004

I am being inundated with tthis virus. every day i receive about 5 or 6 e mails with the offending attachment. as far as i am aware i have not been infected. (AVG updated daily and norton stinger has been run.) recently i received an e mail from someone i have never contacted saying that an e mail i had (supposedly) sent them contained a virus.

Any ideas about what to do. do i just weather the storm tikk it burns out or is it time to change e mail?

  john-232317 17:41 05 Mar 2004

Its up to D now..

Check your clear with this link

click here

  aramis 17:46 05 Mar 2004

If some person has received an e-mail from you saying it carried a virus ,then it seems a bit ominous . Perhaps someone with expert advice could respond.

  muddypaws 18:28 05 Mar 2004

My preview pane is off, but as a matter of interest is there any danger in right clicking a message and going to ' properties'. Would this show up anything amiss??

  john-232317 07:20 06 Mar 2004

Read the desciption part of my link...;-)

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