Netscape Page to Word 08:59 29 Mar 2005

When I try to copy a Netscape page to word which contains both text and pictures using Highlight /Copy / Paste command, only the text element copy and pictures remain blank.

The technique works with Internet Explorer with both text and pictures copy.

Am I doing something wrong?

  Yoda Knight 09:07 29 Mar 2005

I dont know if this will work in Xp, but u could try using a screen dump instead. Hit the print screen button (or shift and print screen) and paste into word.

Dont know why it doesnt work as you want it to.... 09:14 29 Mar 2005

Thanks Yoda.

As I said the technique works OK with Internet Explores but not with Netscape. I'm using XP with both.

I just thought there may be some "tweaking" of Netscape settings required.

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