Novis 10:32 13 Jun 2003

I'm about to reinstall my operating system and changing from Outlook Express.
a) What influenced anyone reading this to change?
b) - to which system?
c) why do they prefer it / think it better?

Thanks – Alan

  -pops- 11:08 13 Jun 2003

Why not have all three and choose yourself the one you proefer. Like an awful lot of things, it's a matter of personal choice. I used to think opera was the bee's knees. I don't any longer but now use Netscape which I thought was rubbish for a while. I also have Crazy Browser and Mozilla installed. I still use OE6 as my default browser though.


  -pops- 13:47 13 Jun 2003

I've just re-read your post, Novis.

Forgive me if I've now misunderstood what you were asking but, Outlook Express is an email client and is not comparable with Opera or Netscape which are web browsers and not the same thing at all. OK, these browsers have email clients as part of their setup but your comparison should be between Internet Explorer and the others, not Outlook Express.

Sorry if I confused.


  woodchip 14:45 13 Jun 2003

IE is the default browser for Web and should get you into any page, However as it's so popular it brings with it problems that Netscape and Opera do not, It's not as secure also pop-up's cannot be controlled as well as the last two browsers

  illegaleagle 19:12 13 Jun 2003

Hey novis, if youre planning on having an alternative browser you really can't go far wrong with opera, its a hell of a lot quicker and easier to use than explorer and has some nifty features like mouse gesture (to replace the 'back'and 'forward' buttons on youy browser.

Also, the relevant information about what it is doing is all displayed at the bottom so you can tell if your connection to the websites youre visiting is doing anything or not.

having said that, its definately no replacement for outlook in terms of e-mail accounting, what with all its stuff being integrted into the browser, its somewhat more cumbersome than outlook.

As a browser though, i wish i didnt have to hve I.E on the system, as opera is infinately preferable.

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