jonostar 20:02 01 May 2005

when opening computer up it seems to be taking ages // 15 .. 20 mins ... same on close down.... when i look at what th ecomp i sdoing ,, ctrl alt delete,,, a process that is runnign from start up is netropahotkey... what is this,, is it necessary and could this be the cause of the computer taking ages to load and shutdown,,many thanks..

  VoG II 20:04 01 May 2005

click here and scroll down to Nhksrv

  jonostar 20:10 01 May 2005

many comp is not a dell ,, is it the same for a hp comp.. sorry

  jonostar 20:19 01 May 2005

and the process says netropahotkey not the abbreviation ,, sorry again ,,,

  VoG II 20:23 01 May 2005

Google comes up with zilch for netropahotkey (one word)

The other thing I found about netropa is click here

  jonostar 20:48 01 May 2005

thanks gonna get rid n e way.. netropa hotkey i googled it aswell. just and it syays only dell weird ??? anyway here goes///////////

  tarkus 01:12 02 May 2005

netropahotkey is a keyboard driver for quiet a few multimedia keyboards what make of keyboard do you use think you'll find that you also have a shortcut to this on your task bar and also in your program files list

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