NetObjects Media Plugin Problem

  Pesala 19:44 27 Jan 2005

I just started trying to use the media plugin with NetObjects Fusion MX. It is easy enough to lay out the page in NetObjects and link the media files so that it works well enough in Page Preview mode.

However, when I upload it to my web site: click here it goes awry. First of all, Opera doesn't know which plugin to use.

Then Internet Explorer cannot draw the page properly.

It would also be nice if the media files didn't all play at once when the page loads.

Is there an easier way to do this from Net Objects Fusion? I hope you can see clearly enough what I am trying to do. I just want to embed sound files in the web page so that the user can click a button to hear the word pronounced correctly. I don't really need to volume controls, just a loudspeaker icon to click would be sufficient.

  PurplePenny 20:33 27 Jan 2005

Firefox knew which plug-in to use and each word loaded, and spoke, separately (though I suppose that you meant for them to remain silent until clicked). BUT .... just as the final word was loading Firefox died ... completely ... BSoD! Never had that happen before (with Firefox I mean).

  Pesala 21:49 27 Jan 2005

I have deleted a few rows from the table, and it is now working well in Internet Explorer, but I need more than nine rows - maybe twenty or thirty. I would prefer a solution that works in Firefox and Opera too.

  Pesala 22:00 27 Jan 2005

<EMBED ID="PlugIn7" SRC="file:///C:/My Dhamma Talks/Pali/bhikkhu.mp3" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=26 WIDTH=278 ALT="Bhikkhu" >

Each object is given a different PlugIn ID by NOF. Should I be putting something else in there perhaps?

  Pesala 22:48 27 Jan 2005

Adding the parameter AUTOSTART False to each object stops it playing when the page loads. Now I have fourteen rows and it still works in Internet Explorer.

The Unicode font doesn't display correctly, although it does in Opera. Words containing ? show a nul character even though I have the correct font installed.

I need a break, but will return later.

  Pesala 09:25 28 Jan 2005

The words on the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary use a javascript. click here

click here

How do I do write a script like this to play MP3 files? I could convert to waves if necessary as they are quite short.

  Pesala 12:12 28 Jan 2005

One small WAV file is 461 Kbytes. No need for any fancy code, one just links it to an icon or text, which is fine, but 50 x 461 kbytes = 9 Mbytes which is too much webspace to use for this quite apart from teh inconvenience for the user having to wait for it to download. MP3 files are only 4 Kbytes.

  Pesala 12:14 28 Jan 2005

I can also link directly to an MP3 file, but that opens Windows media player, which is not what I want. I just want the sound file to play directly on clicking the link or icon.

  PurplePenny 13:24 28 Jan 2005

Tried the new version on Firefox again and it worked at first, but after I listened to a couple of words it crashed again. It has crashed both times that I tried it in IE too (but didn't get any further than the background loading in IE) so I think it safe to say that it is my PC that is unhappy with your page. Maybe because I'm still on Win98 and memory is limited.

I get the Quicktime playline for each clip, which looks OK, though I can understand why you would like to replace that with a sound icon. It did take a while to load but if you separated the words into letter groups it would make it more manageable.

The font displays in Firefox. Someone posted a Thai page recently which also displayed the font correctly in Firefox but not in IE.

  Pesala 16:18 28 Jan 2005

I don't know what the problem with the font is. This page click here displays the Pali fonts fine in Internet Explorer (as long as the user has the font installed).

This should be simple to do, but I couldn't find any solution yet. The way that it is implemented at Merriam Webster's site is perfect and uses MP3 files.

  Pesala 21:12 31 Jan 2005

I got it wrong. The Merriam Webster site uses WAV files. I found out how to drastically reduce my WAV files so the page now works well enough in Opera. The direct links open a media player from IE. Someone suggested embedding a RMP Playlist, so I tried that, but it doesn't work. click here The Embedded media player for MP3 files works in Internet Explorer, but not in Opera.

To reduce the WAV file sizes (quality doesn't need to be high for speech) I used the following method in Audacity.

1. Import MP3

2. Export MP3 at 32-bitrate

3. Import 32-bitrate MP3

4. Export as 4-bit WAV file.

The reduction in size is dramatic.

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