NetObjects Fusion version 8....

  Taran 03:05 30 Apr 2004

Just thought you all might like to know, it's out and it's very, very nice.

Built in image editing for minor tweaks and adjustments, some nice data handling tools, a whole range of site styles that are generally very slick looking indeed and more new features than you can shake a stick at.

It still tries to keep you from getting at the source code as much as possible, but if you want a rapid site generating tool with a lot of useful bells and whistles to get a site up and running in short order, it's an excellent program to consider.

104 Euros to download an upgrade version, but be warned that it's a 100mb download.

The 30 day trial will be coming in a month or two.

And now I'm off to bed.


  Forum Editor 07:12 30 Apr 2004

and it's downloading as I write.

  Pesala 08:50 30 Apr 2004
  Pesala 08:54 30 Apr 2004
  IClaudio 09:54 30 Apr 2004

and, while the Euro price is the same as the price in Dollars, the European price includes VAT

  IClaudio 10:05 30 Apr 2004

on the Newsgroups about the rebate of $20 for people who are upgrading from v7.5. I can hardly be bothered, but I certainly would for 20 Euros!

  Taran 10:29 30 Apr 2004

I've been watching the NOF newsgroups and even responded to one particular post in there because I got so fed up with all the whining.

It seems that many people who bought version 7.5 and/or the database component over the past couple of months seem to think that they are entitled to an entirely free or at least a very heavily discounted upgrade.

I wonder if any of them have ever had any luck persuading Microsoft, Adobe or Macromedia of the same thing...

I think many people fail to remember that, in some cases, a free version from a magazine cover disk could later be upgraded to the latest release for the cost of said upgrade. I know of a lot of people who went that route and I doubt we'll hear too much from and that they feel cheated in some way. That a rebate is offered at all seems to be overlooked in the face of its amount: many people seem to think that it is too low while I, for one, think that it's impressive that WebSite Pros are offering one at all.

In the meantime, the new version of NOF continues to impress. More control over complex table layouts, CSS styles, forms, the image tool palette is superb for on the fly cropping, resizing and file format saves (JPG to GIF and similar).

I rather like this.

  IClaudio 18:18 30 Apr 2004

I saw your post in the Newsgroup this morning before logging in to PCA - one of the reasons I went for it after dithering for a while was your 'WOW' ;) Plus another post from the UK confirming that the price included VAT...

I didn't mean to complain about the rebate - as you say, impressive that one's offered at all. I don't understand why, though; why not just knock $20 off the cost?

  Taran 18:39 30 Apr 2004

I'm sure you weren't complaining about the rebate - I was speaking generally about the attitude that seemed prevelant to a degree in the NOF newsgroups and it was making me a little cross. Too many people convinced that WebSite Pros were out to con them when, in fact, all they did was release a new product.

I think the rebate issue has cropped up because the question was asked recently by several people whether an incentive scheme would be set in place to help keep costs down to recent buyers of other WebSite Pros software, especially given that the Database Component was a very recent addition to the line up.

Look on it as a token gesture, but it's two edged. If memory serves, only registered users qualify and I'm thinking that this is part of a drive to keep unlicensed, illegal installs from qualifying and possibly to try and identify users of such software.

I agree that knocking the rebate sum off the purchase price would have been nice, but I'd have bought it regardless and I'm sure a lot of others would too.

To be honest, the feedback WebSite Pros are getting from their userbase on NOF 8 is, so far, extremely encouraging, but the shine is already off the new program with all of the undercurrent of ill-feeling in the newsgroups and I know that there have been a great many emails sent to WSP more or less demanding a refund of version 7.5 and/or the Database Component.

I suspect that we may see a shift in things soon, just to calm the waters slightly.

If only NOF allowed full and unrestricted access to the underlying source code I'd be seriously impressed, instead of merely very, very impressed ;o)

I understand why it tries to keep prying fingers away from the code but, in my case, there are a lot of times I'd like full access.

ho hum...

  Forum Editor 18:59 30 Apr 2004

you can see why they don't. The product is aimed at a specific market sector - those people who want a little more than a quick n' easy web site fix, but don't fancy the daunting learning curve that is DreamWeaver. I suspect that the 'average' NOF user isn't interested in poking about under the bonnet - no matter how much you and I might like to get oil on our hands.

  Taran 19:21 30 Apr 2004

I was merely wishing out loud.

Sounding off.

Enjoying the sound of my own voice

erm, or the dulcet tones of the tapping of my keyboard...

It's curious though, reading some of the newsgroup entries. The NOF userbase appears to have a very wide disparity of skills and knowledge levels, as do the Macromedia and Adobe groups.

I wonder how may NOF users really do want to get their hands dirty and how many prefer the fact that they can't really break a site because the program won't usually let them.

ho hum again !

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