Netobjects Fusion

  tbh72 16:14 12 Jul 2003

Please post your Netobjects Fusion Website Examples in this thread.

Please state clearly what version of Netobjects Fusion you have used.

If you have previously posted the URL on another thread, please include a link to that thread also. It will be benificial for those whom choose to use Netobjects Fusion in the future. 22:50 12 Jul 2003

NOF MX free edition. I didn't use their ready made templates though, just started with blank site. click here May I ask, why you want to see them? (Just curious).

Cheers, Whiz...

  tbh72 23:02 12 Jul 2003

Well..... People are obviously posting their site for opinions, I just thought it would be nice to catagorise them.

It's amazing to see the different result produced by the different software. Hopefully people will be able to make a more informed choice about which package will best enable them to action their plans....?!?!

  oliverdore 23:08 12 Jul 2003

That's a sound idea.

  xquest 00:20 13 Jul 2003

Here are mine, entered via the following URL click here although not all links go to one of mine. There is usually a NOF logo at the foot of the first screen.
I'm quite happy with NOF although it does come up with 'unstable file' quite often. Moral is to 'save' frequently. I'm happy to answer any queries although as you will see my use of it is fairly elemenary.
xquest. 01:14 13 Jul 2003

with unstable files, and although it is breaking the basic rule - I save as infrequently as possible, leave it to NOF when you close down. I know this sounds daft, but you will end up having to replace all your JPEG images. They lose definition with every save. You would be suprised at the loss of quality with constant saving.

  Pesala 13:09 13 Jul 2003

NOF 2.02 but still good enough for my site: click here

  xquest 00:10 14 Jul 2003

I put links in for surfers to generate an email by clicking appropriately on the site, but how do I generate a new email with the subject already filled in (so I can identify it as a 'friend' in MailWasher - an invaluable program as I am getting 100+ spam for every 5 or so friendly messages, per day) ??????
I use NOF MX under Win XP Pro

  Taran 14:55 14 Jul 2003

Unless NetObjects is actually re-saving the individual images on your web pages, and not just the text in the HTML documents that instruct the image where and how to be displayed, your JPEGS should remain unchanged by multiple saves.

The only time the JPEG images degrade is when you edit and re-save many times in a dedicated image editor.

The web editor does not normally directly affect your images; it merely allows you to format them on your pages for display purposes - position, size, border and so on.

Exceptions are obvious where some web editors will change a JPEG to a GIF, depending on how you want to display it but in general, saving your web pages will almost never do anything at all to the images you are using.


Taran 00:55 28 Jul 2003

made with NOF MX click here

  Taran 08:44 28 Jul 2003

"It's amazing to see the different result produced by the different software."

I'd have thought that by now it was obvious that the software used is not the issue; it's the designer using it that everything hinges on.

I can achieve the results I want is any of the mainstream packages and if I really wanted to be masochistic I could do it all with Notepad.

Software is secondary

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