NetObjects Fusion 9 Vista Compatible?

  Taff™ 12:40 16 Dec 2007

Decided to take a step into very basic web design and don`t know where to start. The Cover DVD has Fusion 9 but is it compatible with Vista? I know it says XP in the Magazine. I have an XP machine at home but my laptop is Vista and it would be easier to learn the basics when I am away from base.

Is Fusion 9 suitable for a "first step" or is there something else to be recommended? (I know that`s probably a stupid question but I`d appreciate everyone`s views!)

  mco 13:29 16 Dec 2007

I am sorry not to have the answer but I was thinking of getting a new laptop for Christmas and would put the cover CDS NOF 9 on it myself too - so any one's input would be valuable. Yes, NOF9 is suitable for a 'first step'; I used it for a couple of years and still have one site left based on it.

  mco 13:46 16 Dec 2007

scroll down to 'day 2 Sept 4'
click here
suggests it does work albeit slowly

  Taff™ 14:11 16 Dec 2007

Thanks for that information. Perhaps we`ll get a few others opinions later on. Can I have a link to your site, I`d like to se what`s possible. (Drop me a PM if you`d prefer not to post it here)

Another question, I see from other threads in the forum that the coding isn`t too good. Have you been able to adapt the coding yourself?

  Blackhat 14:49 16 Dec 2007

I have been using NOF 7 and just loaded NOF 9 from the cover disc. I am using XP home and will soon be purchasing a laptop with Vista, so similar situation to you.

I have been looking through the support pages on NOF web site and cannot find out much about Vista compatibility, have browsed their forums and same there.

As for a first step I can recommend it as it was my first step a few years ago and worked for me.

This was my first site, very basic but when you have never done it before it is quite rewarding to see it on line.

click here

  mco 16:28 16 Dec 2007

You can easily put bits of code into NOF pages - javascript actions, bits to embed videos, stat counters, that kind of stuff, but it is more difficult to alter what NOF has already made. There is a code view but the code that is in a certain colour you cannot alter (short of loading up the page in notepad, adapting it and then reloading it into your NOF site) But I'd have thought that if this is an important aspect to you then you would be above the capabilities of NOF9 anyway. Best thing is to give it a go. Here's an early site built in NOF. Here is a site built in NOF9 - not to my taste though but I was only following orders!!! click here

  Taff™ 19:55 16 Dec 2007

Thank you both. I`m about to make the plunge! As Blackhat says - nothing on the website about support for Vista so we`re basically on our own I suppose.

  Kemistri 21:46 16 Dec 2007

Try Expression Web for two months - click here Plenty long enough to learn the basics of web design and get a project completed.

  Taff™ 20:39 23 Dec 2007

NOF - Installed today and very frustrated. Help files need a Microsoft download because they`re in a format no longer recognised by Vista and I`m plodding along with virtually no guidance. Think I`ll post a few more threads in this forum over the "Holiday Break" and see where I get to.

Thanks Kemistri - I may take up the link suggestion very soon!

  mco 20:44 23 Dec 2007

Do you mean that it's just the Help files that don't work in Vista, but the rest of NOF does? Keep posting - some of us will be online over Christmas!

  Forum Editor 23:19 23 Dec 2007

that you might like to try Expression Web. It's Microsoft's replacement for FrontPage, and it's good.

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