NetObjects Fusion 9: FLV files vs. SWF files?

  webdesignnewbie 18:23 24 Mar 2008

after re-installing XP on my PC, I have lost all the links to the videos of my website, designed with NetObjects Fusion 9. My webdesigner is nowhere to be found so I have to deal with it myself.

I have all these FLV files that I want to re-embed in the pages but apparently this software only accepts SWF files. I think to remember that, in some way, one can display FLV files maybe via a FLVplayer.swf ?

If anybody has any idea on how to do this, even in a different way other than the one described above, I would be extremely grateful!

Many thanks,

  Forum Editor 18:56 24 Mar 2008

at this:

click here

  MAJ 20:51 24 Mar 2008

Can you explain a little more, webdesignnewbie, what do you mean by "I have lost all the links to the videos of my website"? Is you website on the net or is it still on your computer?

You say the site was designed with NOF9, but that "apparently this software only accepts SWF files.", what software are you talking about?

  webdesignnewbie 10:46 25 Mar 2008

@ Forum Editor:

thanks. While that page seems to be for Mac users, there's a passage which may be useful all the same:
"To make a webpage containing your movie, you need first a controller in SWF format." etc, etc. which basically confirms what I thought. It mentions a mediaplayer by Jeroen Wijering, which I have found in other forums as well, but do I need to dwnld that as well, when I already have 2 FLV players?!
Point is, I truly don't know much my way around NOF or other software so I have a hard time even following these instructions:
click here

@ MAJ:

My website is on the web already, it worked fine, with videos and all, for over a yr. Then, due to an XP re-install, all the videos on the web do not display anymore. These means I have lost somehow a connection btw whatever links the SWF to the FLV, which is the format in which my videos are. The software I talk about is NOF, Net Objects Fusion 9.

  MAJ 10:57 25 Mar 2008

Ah I see, it's just you having problems viewing the videos because you lost the player when you reinstalled XP. Can you post a link to the site.

  webdesignnewbie 19:17 26 Mar 2008

hello Maj,
I emailed you with my website link, as you requested.
Hope to get some feedback soon.
cheers :)

  MAJ 20:09 26 Mar 2008

Have emailed you back, webdesignnewbie. Will update this thread later as webdesignnewbie wants to keep the web address private.

  anchor 13:36 02 Apr 2008

Whilst we can respect the privacy of the individual, this is an open forum that aims not only to help the individual, but at the same time provide information for all members.

As the last posting on this thread is a week old, it appears that communication is now strictly private between the two parties.

  MAJ 14:57 02 Apr 2008

Fraid not, anchor, I haven't heard back from webdesignnewbie since my last post.

  Forum Editor 17:49 02 Apr 2008

you'll have to accept that you must provide us with the information we need - part of which is going to be a look at your website. If you're not prepared to post a link to it I'm afraid we can't rtespond further - we don't encourage off-line help on a one-to-one basis, that's not the object of our forums at all.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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