NetObjects Fusion 4.0 - upload stops halfway!

  dalglish 20:19 24 Nov 2004

Hi all

I ma trying to come to terms with NOF 4 and am having a problem publishing to my host's server. The server appears to be OK as other sites upload OK but not the NOF one.

When 18% of the site has been published, I get the following..
there were 180 errors (!)
the file C:\NetObjects Fusion 4.0\User Sites\harrynov24test\Preview\Autogen\People_HSatelliteButtonOn.gif could not be written to server (STOR failed)
server response:

the file C:\NetObjects Fusion 4.0\User Sites\harrynov24test\Assets\a_ArrowLine_1.gif could not be sent because of a TCP/IP Error (PORT failed)
server response:

the file C:\NetObjects Fusion 4.0\Styles\Satellite\DataList Icons\SatelliteDataIcon.GIF could not be sent because of a TCP/IP Error (PORT failed)
server response: 421 No Transfer Timeout (300 seconds): closing control connection.

Any help appreciated



  jolorna 20:53 24 Nov 2004

have you tried using filezilla as your upload ftp its free to use and is what i use click here

  jambolino 21:15 24 Nov 2004

NetObjects remote publishing is very unreliable
and has caused me horrible problems in the past. this is probably what is causing your problems.

Use a 3rd party FTP program, you can then also edit, add or delete files within your webspace without problems.

If you encounter further problems with Netobjects go to click here and subscribe to one of the Forums.

Hope this helps

  dalglish 21:59 24 Nov 2004

Thanks guys

Filezilla is great but I cant view any pages other than the home page despite the pages being hyperlinked by default!

My site is

click here

Is it likely to be NOF 4 or Filezilla?
Is there a setting I need to change on Filezilla?


  jambolino 18:51 25 Nov 2004

It is more than likely Netobjects.

As a quick check you can verify all links from within Netobjects.

I have also had this problem in the past,to resolve I deleted my local publish folder,which by default is stored in 'user sites' under the name of your site.

I then did a fresh 'local publish' and checked that the links etc all worked.

I then opened the local publish folder and used FTP Pro (my FTP program) to transfer ALL the files to my webspace.

You can then check that the files that have been uploaded correspond to those that are stored locally in your 'Local Publish' folder.

You usually have an HTML file named index, which you obviously have got as I can see your homepage, all the other pages are stored by default in the folder HTML.You can see the contents if you open the file.

It goes without saying ALL 'Assets' have to be uploaded fpr the graphics etc to be displayed correctly in your site.

Best of luck

  jambolino 19:15 25 Nov 2004

I have just had another look for example:

'Whats New'

click here

is a dead link. the correct URL is:

click here.

There is a problem with your directory structure. You need to have another look at your publish settings (the way netobjects interprets the directory structure and links).

You can get round this by looking at the example above and then just renaming the folders and doing as in my previous posting.

Best of luck

  dalglish 09:23 26 Nov 2004

Thanks Jambolino

I cant seem to find the publish folder under the user sites folder?
Also, how do I view the links and then check them?


  jambolino 18:21 26 Nov 2004

Hi Steve

To check your links click on ASSETS and from ASSETS on the toolbar select verify all links.

I am at a complete loss why the 'Local Publish' folder is not in this location. I have however Netobjects Fusion 7, it may pay for you to check in the user documentation where exactly Ver 4 puts this file, it may be called something else in your version, I don't know.

If you post your problem to the Gotfusion Forum at click here you will get an answer to your problem almost staight away.

GotFusion is good If you need someone to test your site for errors and give you some honest feedback and inspiration. Their forum has been for me a brilliant source of info if I have run into problems or have needed advice relating to Netobjects.

Best of luck


  dalglish 23:46 26 Nov 2004

Hi Graham

I've been able to set up my site from using the NOF 4 blank pages but not using templates - interesting.
Also, do you need to pay for the forum as the help room on Gotfusion is not open to me despite registering.
HAve a gr8 weekend

  jambolino 14:08 27 Nov 2004

Hi Steve

click here

and download Gotfusion Webforums for Windows. This small program enables you to access all of the Forums, it also places an icon in your system tray, you access the forums just by clicking on it.

I have found this far easier than subscribing to all the individual Gotfusion Forums.


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