NetObjects Fusion 4. text col probs.

  LAP 14:53 28 Apr 2003

My wife is using this software to create a web page. She has a problem with the text/colour. Having drawn a box entered text, sized, colour and font the problem occurs when she draws another box enters text etc the text in the box above changes to the same colour as the current one. She has also tried and opened another page, placed text on this but when she applies the font colour it changes the font colour on the first page as well. We have tried all the on screen 'Help' as well as the obvious highlightening etc. Or is it staring her in the face, the rest of the package is very responsive. Can you help please. LAP

  Pesala 21:21 28 Apr 2003

I am using NOF2 so I cannot check for you, but look at the paragraph style properties to see if there is an option to turn of automatically update the current paragraph style. Probably your wife is using the Normal style. Perhaps when she applies colour attributes to selected text, it changes the colour for that paragraph style.

  fly2hi 22:40 28 Apr 2003

this is from NO5 help, but I'm using NO7, so can't put it in my own words and can't remember what has changed in NO7

When you select Automatic, the format attributes of a higher or parent style pass through to the lower or child style.

The order of the cascading styles is:

· Browser

· SiteStyle

· Site

· Page

· Selected text

The SiteStyle is the parent of the Site, which is the parent of the Page. Thus, selecting Automatic for an attribute at the Page level lets the setting for that attribute pass from the Site to the Page. If the same attribute is set to Automatic in the Site as well, then the SiteStyle setting for that attribute flows to the Site and then, unimpeded, to the Page.
For example, if you set the font color to red at the SiteStyle level and set font color to Automatic on both the Site level and the Page level, text at the page level is automatically red when you type it. The red attribute flows all the way from SiteStyle to the text.

When you change a setting at a higher level, it changes the corresponding setting at the lower level if the setting at the lower level is Automatic. So, if the setting at the Page level is Automatic, and you change the font at the Site level, the font setting changes for the Page level, too. This feature provides you with a fast, powerful way to make formatting changes throughout your site by simply making the change once at the higher levels.
Of course, there may be times when you don’t want the changes from the higher levels to be inherited by the lower levels. In that case you can edit the text style so Automatic is not selected for the particular format attribute. Editing a style at any level overrides the settings from the parent level. For example, if you select text and change its color to blue, that editing overrides a setting of red text from the SiteStyle level.

You can mix choices among the formatting attributes so some have the Automatic setting and others don’t. For example, you could select the font to be inherited from a higher level (so you set it to Automatic), but manually select the color. 23:15 28 Apr 2003

Have you got the properties pallette showing? I use a later version(MX) but assume they are basically the same. You should have a small box floating on screen where you can change any individual item.
Try looking at View/Toolbars/Properties pallette or similar.

  LAP 11:35 29 Apr 2003

Thanks to you all, from your replies my wife has been able to continue with her web page. The answer was in 'your terms' very simple but not to us. The conclusion: Add the text, View, Properties Palette, this brings down the Text Properties box, highlight the text, click on the colour palette.. Hey presto.. Peace at last.Cheers..LAP

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