NetObjects Fusion 10 Vrs Serif WebPlus 10

  Rabi 02:41 07 May 2007

I have no knowledge of web-site design, and no desire to learn any HTML code...

I can afford to purchase just one web design software, and have narrowed it down to NetObjects Fusion 10, and Serif WebPlus 10. Does anyone have any experience of having used either or both? Which is the easiest to use while building a non-complicated web site but with lots of pages (ease of constructing navigation important), lots of pictures, etc. Have tried SiteBuilder which is offerred free with a lot of web-hosting company's hosting pacjakges, and was not impressed with SiteBuilder. Too basic, and can be slow to use going through the build options especially if you want to make a change to a page or template.


  Rabi 02:47 07 May 2007

Have tried the free NetObjects Fusion 9 from magazine cover, and also Serif PagePlus 8 from another cover CD, which helped narrow down my list to both the latest versions of these programmes. Wondering the comparisons between their upgraded versions?

And what about SohoLaunch? Any good? Though, immediately it seems the downside of using that programme is payment for the full version is tied to a domain name, which makes it expensive to use on multiple domains, as we would as this is a school project?

Grateful for any input/info

  mco 09:26 07 May 2007

but would go for netobjects ten - and btw, if you have got the free version of netobjects 9 from a magazine cover then you really don't need to need to fork out for netobjects 10, even though it is the latest version. Honest!

  setecio 12:06 07 May 2007

Indeed, if you fork out £150 for the latest version, then you are falling for all the marketing 'everyone must have the latest'.

I doubt if you would notice or use any of the changes added to version 10, however this is not based on experience as I just assume the latest versions of most things have very little to ofer above the previous versions (certian exceptions)

I have just acquired the free version9 , but have been dabbling in version 8 during the last year, and it is easy to use once you grasp the concepts, with an easy to read downloadable reference manual.

  Rabi 14:17 07 May 2007


This is the link to SohoLaunch:

click here

and these as well:

click here

  Rabi 14:18 07 May 2007


This is the link to SohoLaunch:

click here

and these as well:

click here

  Rabi 14:23 07 May 2007

Note your comments. Setico, & very valid.

However I was wondering whether there was a difference (and worth a purchase) between Serif's PagePlus 9, and their WebPlus 10, not the PagePlus 9 and PagePlus X2.

Sorry I wasn't clearer before, thanks

  mco 14:38 07 May 2007

Page Plus isn't for doing websites anyway. It's desktop publishing. I'm sure you could get hold of webplus 8 or 9 for a lot less money than buying webplus 10 (again -no need to purchase latest versions!) Also, you can get an earlier version of serifweb plus absolutely free click here

so really, if you have got Neobjects 9 from a mag and get serifweb plus 6 free - you could spend your money on something else!

  Rabi 14:56 07 May 2007

Tks MCO. Noted.

Seticio mentione an easy to read downloadable reference manual. I csan't seem to find a link to this on the Serif web site, either to the PageMaker 8 or version 9. Could someone provide me with a link to the downloadable reference/tutorial manual for PageMaker 9?

Tks again

  Rabi 14:59 07 May 2007

Sorry, I meant PagePlus 8, and I think I just found the link I was looking for .. will try to download and verify, thanks

  setecio 15:57 07 May 2007

Sorry Rabi, I was referring to NetObjects Fusion.

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