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  Sparky0138 14:47 29 May 2005

I've set up a wireless network between two PC's running XP and surprisingly everything seems to be working pretty well. I just have a few questions though that I hope someone will be kind enough to answer...

When running NetMeeting, the client PC can contact the gateway PC but not the other way around. I've looked at firewall settings and can't find anything obvious that could be causing this - any ideas? The message that comes up is, "The person you called is not able to accept NetMeeting calls," but when contact is established (client to gateway) video and chatting etc. works fine both ways.

Also, I won't have broadband enabled until the end of next month. Both PC's are away from the phone socket (the gateway PC currently has about 30 foot of phone cable, the client PC about 15 foot) - will I be able to continue using the cable when we get broadband and just plug the broadband lead into the 30 foot of normal line for connecting to the modem/router?

And will it be possible for the client PC to use the broadband connection if the gateway PC is turned off, so long as the modem/router is switched on?



  LastChip 18:53 29 May 2005

I'm having a problem getting my head around this one.

You start off by saying, you have a wireless network, but then talk about telephone cables to each machine and continue by referring to a modem/router.

Let's try and dissect this a little.

First, as regards NetMeeting, all I can offer is to disconnect the firewalls for a few minutes and see if it then works. You MUST rule out firewall problems before getting involved with others. I have found networking in XP can be a pain to set-up. One time it will work with no problems, other times, it takes forever to sort out. XP home seems to be more difficult when things go wrong than XP Pro, as you don't have the flexibility the Pro version offers.

Networks and Internet connection.

If you are connecting via a modem/router, it is only this device that needs to be on for each individual computer on the network to access either the network or the Internet. It is only if you are using a form of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), the gateway machine needs to be connected.

The length of cable should not make a great deal of difference to a Broadband connection. It would only (possibly) be relevant, if your connection was already on the physical distance limit entering your home. But if you are using a Wireless modem/router, why not just place it next to a convenient telephone socket?

  Sparky0138 20:10 29 May 2005

I've set up a wireless network ready for when we get broadband enabled next month but until then both PC's have telephone cable running to them for dial-up connections.

The modem/router is an all-in-one Belkin job so it has to be plugged in to one of the PC's and therefore can't be placed near the telephone socket. Thanks for answering my questions about that.

As for NetMeeting, at one point I did have both firewalls turned off when trying to set the network up. I think I remember trying NetMeeting then but can't be sure but I'll give it another go and make sure both firewalls are disabled.

  LastChip 20:46 29 May 2005

I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that you had a wireless modem/router.

The way I'm reading this now, is you have a conventional modem/router and an ad-hock wireless connection between the two machines (as compared to the machines each accessing the router). If this is the case, your physically connected machine will have to be on for Internet access.

A way you could get around this, it to get a Wireless Access point and plug your modem/router into that. Now each machine could access the "Access Point" individually. This would also enable you to site the modem/router and access point close to the telephone socket. The only other requirement would be a power point in the vicinity.

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