NetgearADSL Router set up

  Riccall One 22:04 07 Aug 2007

A grandson has just bought a Netgear ADSL Wireless Router and has been trying set it up. The instruction as far as I can see are rather vauge. For the original setting up has the computer to be near to the DG834G router as it says connect the Ethernet cable to the Router LAN port to the Ethernet adapter in your computer. When the set up has been completed can this be removed and the wireless part become active. He is working Windows XP. Would be grateful for and suggestions.

  Strawballs 22:10 07 Aug 2007

Did it not come with a CD that will guide you through it?

  Riccall One 22:16 07 Aug 2007

Yes. The phone scocket is downstairs and he wants to use it up stairs. What the CD does not tell you should the original set up be made downstairs where the router is as it says connect the Ethernet cable to the router.

  2neat 23:12 07 Aug 2007

click here
I take it he has a wireless laptop or device in pc! The link will take you/him to the settings inside router.
I will see if I can find another link that may help

  2neat 23:15 07 Aug 2007

found it :) click here

  Riccall One 23:27 07 Aug 2007

2neat I am grateful for that information I think I can get connected with that Many thanks

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