netgear wireless router and switch non compatability

  rupie 15:35 18 Oct 2012

Running a small office and my Internet comes in via a Netgear DGND3700 wireless modem router. It has to be in a seperate room to the office so I have run a network cable to connect. I have a Brother network printer and 2 Macs which need to be on the same network. I own a small netgear FS105 but when I put it on the end of the ethernet cable from the router and connect everything into the switch nothing can get IP addresses from the router, which has DCHP on. If I plug the printer direct, it works and the macs work wirelessly. The switch is used in in other areas of work and so cables and devices all work but not together.

  Ashrich 15:52 18 Oct 2012

Try disabling DHCP on the extension router/switch and plug the ethernet cable into port 1 instead of WAN port . See if that works ...

  Ashrich 16:08 18 Oct 2012

Ok , I see that it is an unmanaged switch you are using , forget what I just wrote . Which port is the ethernet cable coming from ( from the GDND3700 )

  rupie 16:44 18 Oct 2012

Lan port 3, what does the Ethernet wan port do ?

  rupie 22:25 18 Oct 2012

I have been doing some testing.

The cable between the router and office goes from downstairs to upstairs and over a couple of doors, it is cheap un sheilded cable, no more than 15m.

If I set everything up in the office, including the FS105, router, except the internet connection, using patch cables, the router gives everything Ip's ok and all is fine. I have networked 2 mac, 1 printer, the router and switch.

If i keep the FS105 powered, and turn everything else off and on, something odd happens. The macs and printers say they have no IP, until the router re allocates them one, but if I scan the lan for Ips there are now twice as many numbers and then each device says that there are conflicts. It would appear the FS105 keeps the Ip's of all the devices connected and does not release them, when the router tries to give the connected devices new Ip's.

Now you would instantly say that the Network cable into the office, from downstairs is too long but if this is the case then why does any single item connected to it, when the router is downstairs, get given an IP but not when the FS105 is in the line, shurely the switch should act as a re-clocker or signal amp, and not actually stop things ? The FS105 works over very long distances, when used for other things, same cable, sometimes with heavy mains twisted around it, albeit fixed IP.


  Ashrich 23:32 18 Oct 2012

I trust the connection from the modem/router is going in to port 5 on the switch , what happens if you press the uplink button ( if it has one ..)


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