Netgear Wireless Modem Router

  SURVEY 14:08 25 Feb 2008

I posted some time ago my problems setting up what may have been a faulty Netgear 834 router. Since then I have not purchased anything else.

I am quite confused as to what to buy. I am looking for a decent range as I wish to site the router on the ground floor and the computers that will access the signal will be on the first floor and one some 10m away on the first floor. I also wold like easy setup and preferably a free helpline!

Having read various reports I am homing in on a Netgear Rangemax but what should I go for - Rangemax WPN824 MIMO G, DG834N Rangemax NEXT, etc? Any others?

Any suggestions or better ideas?

  SURVEY 14:18 25 Feb 2008

Can I also throw in the Netgear 834PN to the equation. Do any of these have an advantage over another from this selection or other company?

  pchelper001 14:24 25 Feb 2008

well i dont know about others, but i have tried quite a few different router manufacturers and netgear seem to be the best of range (though that is my personal experience). There is this netgear rangemax router as well seems quite good:

The Netgear® RangeMax NEXT WNR834B
click here®-RangeMax-NEXT-WNR834B-Wireless-Router.html?shop_param=cid%3D1%26aid%3D0710983%26

it may be worth a look as netgear do quite a few new routers, and netgear seem to know what they are doing.

  pchelper001 14:25 25 Feb 2008

click here®-RangeMax-NEXT-WNR834B-Wireless-Router.html?shop_param=cid%3D1%26aid%3D0710983%26

That link went a little weird!

  pchelper001 14:25 25 Feb 2008

the link on it has gone strange! copy and paste the whole link, sorry!

  SURVEY 15:04 25 Feb 2008

pchelper001 - thanks for bringing that router to my attention. How complicated it gets with so many models from the same manufacturer. Looking at the reviews on Amazon it appears that half had problems setting this up, although it seems it would do the job for me.

Any other views/suggetsions please?

  pchelper001 18:04 25 Feb 2008

i have had hardly any problems setting up all my netgear routers before, and when i have, i have used the netgear technical helpline which has been great. They really are one of the best companies in my opinion.

  SURVEY 18:24 02 Mar 2008

Having read many threads now, I believe I am ready to buy a wireless modem. I think the Netgear DG834PN would suit. Can anyone confim that this would indeed suit my needs (see my first posting on this thread.

Also should my existing wireless cards work without the need for any Netgear adaptors? My laptop is a brand new Dell with built-in wireless card and my desktop is a 4 year old Mesh with a ASUS wirelss card (has a small wired aerial that screws to the card on the back of the computer).

  SURVEY 10:20 03 Mar 2008

pchelper001 - you mentioned the RangeMax-NEXT-WNR834B. This appears to be about the same price as the DG834PN. Is there actually anything to choose between the two for performance in practical terms?

Are there any responses to my last posting of 02/03 please?

  pchelper001 16:43 03 Mar 2008

the RangeMax-NEXT-WNR834B is i believe newer...and features newer mimo technology for better range etc. The DG834PN would suffice for your needs, and the cards in your laptop and desktop would work...but not to the the speeds/range quoted on either they have to have the same new technology. It may be a waste to buy the router with all the new technology...but not be able to make use of it.

  SURVEY 18:02 03 Mar 2008

pchelper001 - thanks for your response. I still should get a reasonable speed though should I not? Would it be as good as I am getting throuhg my wired modem (BB is 2.2Mbps)?

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