Netgear USB adapter.

  Sapins 19:29 11 Dec 2005

Am I correct in thinking this adapter should run automatically or do I have to disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router to run it wirelessly? If so how do I do this.

  mgmcc 08:34 12 Dec 2005

Not sure I understand the question. If you are trying to set up a new USB Wireless Network Adapter to access a Wireless Router, install the USB adapter's software in the PC. When you run this software, it should include a "Site Monitor" which will search for "Available Networks" to connect to, identified by their SSID (network name). Select the one that relates to your Router and "connect" to it. Once connected, the little icon should have a 'halo' around the top.

The "wired" ethernet cable should be disconnected before establishing the "wireless" connection.

  Sapins 10:26 12 Dec 2005

I'm having some trouble setting up the adapter software on 98SE, I'm working on that, Is this the procedure I should follow to install everything?

Set up router/modem with Ethernet cable, which I have working, remove cable and install adapter to second PC, or, do I leave the Ethernet cable in place until I get the adapter working?

Sorry about my vagueness, this wireless thing is new to me.

  Taff™ 11:00 12 Dec 2005

Yes you`re right. Once the router/modem is set up remove the ethernet cable. Load the software on the PC - I suggest a reboot. Then plug in the USB adapter. Found new hardware should appear and if it doesn`t work immediately another reboot should sort it. Then look for the adapters "User Interface" and searchfor your wireless network. Once connected you should then be able to save the "profile" so that the computer connects every time automatically.

  mgmcc 11:02 12 Dec 2005

You can connect to a Wireless Router either by a "wired" ethernet connection or "wirelessly". Often users connect a PC that is close to the router by cable and then connect a second remote PC, or a laptop, with a wireless connection - you can mix wired and wireless connections.

Once the router is configured and getting online, it doesn't make any difference to setting up the second PC wirelessly whether the first PC is connected to the router or not. All computers connected to a router have an equal status in the network, there is no "master" or "host" PC.

  Sapins 11:12 12 Dec 2005

Thanks for making that clear, now I feel I'm getting somewhere.

I'm having a problem setting up a new USB 2.0 card in 98SE which is preventing me from connecting the adapter in the second PC. see my post click here Maybe you can help me with this as well :-)

  mgmcc 13:40 12 Dec 2005

I don't think there is anything I could usefully add to what has been said about USB 2.0 with Windows 98SE in your other thread.

A USB 2.0 Wireless Network Adapter will still work with a USB 1.1 port, although its speed will be limited by the 12Mbps data transfer rate of USB 1.1 itself. It is only with file transfers between computers that this speed restriction is likely to be significant, because USB 1.1 is still much faster than the relatively slow speed (in networking terms) of a broadband connection.

  Sapins 16:15 12 Dec 2005

I have tried plugging the adapter in a USB 1.1 port but it won't work.

  mgmcc 23:05 12 Dec 2005

I can't explain that because USB 2.0 devices should be backward compatible with USB 1.1, although restricted to the slower speed supported by 1.1

I have a Belkin 802.11g USB 2.0 network adapter and it works alright in a Windows 98SE laptop with only a USB 1.1 port.

  Ray5776 19:20 13 Dec 2005

Hi again, a bit more info, the loss of the driver occured when my son was trying to unistall the ever troublesome Morpheus 5.1. I would have thought that the driver would be on the Win2K pro set up disk, but wizard cant find it there only on C drive and then it does not work.


  Ray5776 19:23 13 Dec 2005


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