netgear security check

  sidandlil 11:47 17 Apr 2007

Hi I am just checking security of my netgear router. If I log into their website ,routerlogin,then admin, and my password, then go to the window "attached devices", would that show if someone else was accessing my computer?
as i have checked regularly and only my pc shows up, but a neighbour reckons he has scanned and found another pc running wireless in the area and we know no one else who is wireless.

  5ean 13:01 17 Apr 2007

Enable wep or wpa and if people see your network it will say security enabled. If you don't want them to see it disable the 'ssid' but it doesn't really matter they can see it, they cannot access it. Next turn ON access control. Your PC is now the only machine that can connect. If you get another machine to connect you'll need to add it to the access list from the control PC first before it can connect.

Make sure you have changed the router access password.

  Jimmy14 18:19 17 Apr 2007

in "Attached devices" on the Netgear router settings, it will show up how many devices is connected to the router. The easiest way for security is to go into "Wireless Settings" , click "Setup Access List". Click Turn on Access Control. You can configure who gets on your router by their mac addresses. To find the computers mac address go to start, click run, type CMD and then type ipconfig/all.

  sidandlil 10:09 18 Apr 2007

tahnks guys very helpful as usual

  irishrapter 18:56 18 Apr 2007

Try to use WPA with a nice long password from click here

WEP can be broken in about ten minutes and MAC addresses are very easy to fake.

  sidandlil 12:06 20 Apr 2007

cheers irishrapter, will do that this weekend

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